Bloat Thrall Overseer Mobius

I know servants of the Dragonfather like to revel in their pseudo immortality, but part of me boggled when Bloat Thrall Overseer Mobius was announced. Lord knows, I’ve no desire to see his Mobius Strip… What I *do* want to see, however, is a chance in tabletop philosophy, a shifting of the meta, some Cryxians maybe putting aside their Bane Thralls for a few games and investigating what sort of impact ole’ Master Blaster here can have on the efficacy of the noble, if grotesquely ballooned, Bloat Thralls. Rush Forward and Scutter can be expected to have a significant effect on their mobility, and then there’s Continuous Corrosion… Ahem, sorry, this is an unboxing, isn’t it… 😉



Mobius comes in 7 components, the most impressive by far being the enormous chunk of resin that makes up the Bloat Thrall portion of the model.


That this glorious hunky gribbly is one piece means you have no joins to mask with green stuff, maintaining the organic flow of its putrescent fleshy bladders.


There were a few mold lines to clean up on the model, but nil desperandum, a sharp hobby knife made quick work of them, and clippers removed the plugs, which are conveniently located on the underside of the model, so even if you’re unable to smooth them perfectly they won’t be seen on the tabletop.


Mobius himself (he said, assuming Mobius was the skinny fellow on the back, as opposed to a name for the joined being, like Voltron… Egad, just imagine this guy forming blazing sword) nestles into the pipes etc on the back of the Thrall perfectly, almost as if they’d been custom sculpted to go together… waitaminute…


Oh, and yes, he really wants to poke you with his finger. The long arm of the overseer! I would recommend a pin for this joint, potential for torsion popping it off is a thing.


Four spiny legs fit into ball joints, meaning you can position them in any combination and order you feel suitable. Test fit to make sure Mobius will sit above the base at a level you’re happy with.


Do you have ANY IDEA how LONG it’s been since I’ve painted a Cryxian model?? I daresay, though, that I enjoyed painting Mobius more than I’m comfortable admitting. Is this the start of a new project army? Can I remember the exact colour combination that led to Thrally’s green skin tone?


Contact points with the base are small, but there *is* four of them… the model is pleasantly secure and sturdy, and ready to vomit gouts of acidic bile over filthy Cygnarans and wayward Khadorans. Of course, out of respect, he’ll miss every shot he makes at Menites. It’s only right.

Bloat Thrall Overseer Mobius, not to be confused with Blight Thrall Overseer Mobius as I’ve almost typed multiple times now, is available this month from Privateer Press. Harangue your FLGS staff or favourite online vendor accordingly.