Swamp Gobber Chef & Bog Trog Trawler

It’s a new week! Here’s muck in your eye! Today we take a look at two murky swamp dwellers who’ve decided to differentiate themselves from the stereotypes their people normally embrace. A Bog Trog that doesn’t aspire to be a swamp shambler! A Swamp Gobber who doesn’t have gas! Well, he might, that’s a thing, I’m not going to judge…. ahem..

Anyway, yes… the Swamp Gobber Chef and the Bog Trog Trawler.



The Chef comes in three easy pieces – body, cleaver arm, and all of his cooking supplies, strapped to a pot and held together with baling twine.


With the fork straightened, you can can more readily appreciate this handsome mug and his stylish open-toed sandals.


Frying pan, ladle, spoon and fork, satchel, pouch, cask, bottle, mug, lobster claw, someone’s fingerbones; he’s prepared to make one heck of a stew.


The cleaver arm is extended – either he’s hacking at something or sighting along his arm before trying it as a ranged attack.


My normal preference is to paint models nice and clean, but he was just begging for a dirty apron. Filthy little chef… what would Gordon Ramsey say??


The larger of the two, the Bog Trog Trawler is a subtle reminder that we should occasionally check the IK Unleashed rulebook and remind ourselves that Bog Trogs are actually a lot closer to human size then we like to admit.


The head is easy enough to line up, but the left arm needs to be lined up within the cowl so as to meet the hand holding the harpoon launcher. Test fitting may be required.


The cut/join for the righttt arm and gun is nicely lined along the shoulder support ropes. The gun itself is a wonder of pipes and cogs, and Non Metallic Metal painters will have a nice time, no doubt.


Another “dirty” paintjon – no wonder I normally stuck with warjack 😉 – and we have a rusty harpoon just ready to cause some sepsis. Have your Trenchers had their tetanus shots?

The Swamp Gobber Chef and Bog Trog Trawler are available now, ready to go fishing for tasty morsels. Talk to your FLGS or preferred retailer.