Adepticon Post Mortem, according to Rorschach

rorschach80Hello Losties! Welcome to Humble-Fez’s Post Adepticon Report… (Oh, sure, change your name on me, you bastard… – Gday)

First off, kudos to the following:
— The Man Battlestations Crew, esp Stephan, for pulling the trip together and giving us a sustaining theme
— Geek Nation Tours for making things go smooth, and providing events and set-up for our best bits of the Con
— Thanks to LonelyMonk for the assist in transport of swag and ninja goods! And also the Dark Deeds Demo!

My Schedule:

Thursday was set-aside for pick-up matches, practices, and dealer-room sweeps. I spent WAY more time shopping than I’d planned.

Friday was the Schaumberg Prime Ground Offensive – a Planetfall Tourney run by the WayGate crew and the Firebase Delta podcast guys. I brought my newly and hurriedly painted 2500pts of Relthoza Spider People. Per international law for any first-timer to Adepticon, my first round was a bye, and my second round was against fellow Coloradoan Stephan. That proved to be my only true win in any Spartan game that weekend, even though Stephan out-placed me later. 3rd round I matched against some gorgeous Terrans, and watched a 3rd turn 15pt lead evaporate to a stunning tabling by games end as my dice repeatedly ran the ball into the wrong endzone.

In the end, a fellow Relthozan won Overall, while Phil of Firebase Delta took the last-place Diplomat’s Medal.

My Terran opponent Chris took Best Painted for his diverse force on their nifty display board.

Saturday was the big Schaumberg Prime Firestorm Armada Tournament. In 4 rounds, my Relthozan Stealth fleet managed 4 spectacular losses to:

(1st) to the eventual 3rd place Aquan player in a match where I ran out of time to close the deal.

(2nd) to the eventual Aquan 1st place player, Larry (who had also sponsored prizes) and his three ‘Tier 1’ vessels – a Battleship, a Dreadnought, and a Battle Carrier.

(3rd) to the lone Ryushi player, who marveled at my terrible terrible dice.

(4th) to Dindrenzi player “Ryjak”, who also got to see my early 16 battle-log lead evaporate into an effective tabling.

The aforementioned Larry took 1st place, while Matt of Firebase Delta took last place Diplomat’s Medal with his hapless (but purty) Works Raptor fleet.

Man Battlestations founder Ruckdog took Best painted for his highly detailed Terran Fleet.

Sunday was very nearly a sleep in day, but I dragged out and decided to see if I could lose everything in Malifaux’s Story Tournament too, using a cobbled together Lilith Neverborn list.

1st round, I lost a squeaker to Ten Thunder’s player Brian, and his cunning Yan Lo force. Losing hadn’t been that fun all weekend – see highlight #3 below!

2nd Round, I matched fellow Coloradoan Forrest, and his hated Perdita crew. Despite some heavy resistance, Lilith and her brood triumphed.

3rd Round, the scenario was “House of Mirrors”, and I drew a mirror match against a Lilith crew run by Joe of NYC. I managed to take down his Enforcer heavy group with my minion swarm, and clinch a non-placing victory.

But hey, for my few games, I filled out the Gaslight League form, managed last place there, and got a Chibi-Faux deck!


#1 was a Star Trek Ascendancy Demo from John-Paul Brisigotti himself. I had no idea going in just who John Paul was, so my game opinion certainly wasn’t influenced by being star-struck. But just 3-4 turns in, I could tell this was a 4X game for the ages. It instantly surpassed Star Trek Fleet Captains, or any other Trek game I’ve obsessed over (i.e. all of them). The scale might mean it’s less personal than (say) an RPG. But to cover the breadth and flavor of the show, it more than delivers. It could also be reskinned for almost any space conquest/exploration game … properties like DUNE, BABYLON 5, and Honor Harrington all come to mind. And it would work great to adapt just for the layout of any space campaign map needed.

And all that was before hearing the expansion plans! It starts with Federation, Klingons, and Romulans of course, but then immediately adds a Ferengi and Cardassian supplement (including an Obsidian Order upgrade card …swoon!). Quickly following are planned adds for Vulcans and Andorians. Plus future optiosn for Borg and Dominion as “NPC” adversary empires.

Close Second:
Meeting former GW illustrator Mark Gibbons, with discussion and autographed prints at the last night dinner. I have way too many army buys to blame on that guy, including Bretonnians, Wood Elves, Dark Elves, Eldar, Slaanesh Marines, Tyranids … list goes on.

Close Third:
Having the Lone Swordsman kill my Malifaux Master Lilith using his ‘You Shall Not See Another Sunrise’ ability. It was pretty epic in the moment and defined the game.

All the losing at the Spartan Games events, and then walking away empty handed. At least I got a patch. 🙂

Other Positives:

  • Picked up pre-releases, Starter, dice, and con-onlies for Arena Rex. Now a hooked Zephyri player!
  • Picked up WAY too much Malifaux. Dark Carnival Box Set, Tortoise and Hare, Dark Carnival Coryphee, Alt Witchling Handler, and got Mystery Box Showgirl, Kaeris, and Miss Step!
  • Now a Guildball Morticians player, got the patch and 2nd season Captain.
  • Got Stephan back into Warmachine, he picked up a Convergence army box.
  • Met D6G again, got Craig and Russ to autograph my copy of Craig’s first WWX book. I opened with “Excuse me, Mr. Gallant … <hand him book and pen> … but would you do me the honor of asking Russ to sign this?” 🙂
  • I learned I’m not a huge fan of BloodRage, despite swinging ~60 pts in a single turn.
  • All the bizarre and awesome Malifaux tables.
  • Late night Tentacle Bento (the game that is) with GNT folks like Devrim, Debra & Andy, Frank, and others of our Man Battlestations crew.
  • The Fistful of Seamen naval game/display boards constantly blew my mind.
  • All the 40Ks … sensory overload.
  • Near everything in the Crystal Brush cases convinces me I need to buy brushes from Games and Gears and start improving just to be worthy to be in the same building.
  • Despite thinking I was WAY over, I stayed within a margin of error of my fun-money budget.
  • The Malifaux Collette Cosplay reminded me I’d been away from my girlfriend too long!

Overall, Adepticon may now become as my once-a-year, must-try-to-do Convention.