Linus & Edrea… & Pyrrhus

One of the things I do so enjoy doing here at Lost Hemisphere is unboxing new models and showcasing alternate scheme paintjobs as completed by myself or one of the Lost Paint Team. Another thing I love doing is giving away models through contests such as the monthly Paint The Target draw. Tricksy thing is, if we paint up a model to show it to you all niftified, we can run low on our supply of new-in-box shininess in our prize pool. Thus, occasionally we’ll post unboxings without the usual attendant painted model(s). Today is such a day. Linus, Edrea and Pyrrhus, Ladies and Gentlelost.


We start with Professor Pendrake’s prize pupils.


Despite there only being two models in the blister – Linus and Edrea in this case – there’s quite a few pieces to sort out. Thankfully, it’s pretty straightforward.


Linus, bookworm that he is, is more focused on both utilizing and protecting the precious tomes at his disposal. His right arm holds his open copy of… well, let’s speculate and say it’s the Monsternomicon, while both his sword and rifle remain strapped across his back. Knowledge is his weapon!


Edrea, on the other hand,has both arms out as she weaves mystic spelly things. Her sword, you’ll note in the right hand inset, rests on her hip, under the flap of her coat tail.

This blister of goodies will be making its way into the hands of April 1st’s Paint The Target winner… if he ever sends me his darn address.


Next we turn to the man affectionately referred to as Captain Protectorate, if only because of his mighty shield. Everyone, please say a big hello to packer 306!


Pyrrhus, one of the most dynamically posed solos we’ve seen from Privateer Press in some time, comes in five components – the cape, the right leg, both arms, and of course, the body. He’s like a Holy Voltron waiting to happen.


The cape attaches conveniently by means of a triangular wedge that slots between the shoulderblade straps. There is a lot of metal on this join, though it does have generous contact. A pin isn’t required, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea.


His right leg has a half-circle connector, though it’s a little loose, so you can position it per your preference. Picture it caving in the poor dental work of a filthy Morrowan.


I just liked this shot… and the next one didn’t really show the spear very well. Pyrrhus’ arms are spread wide to accept the blessing of Menoth, to embrace the believer, and to bearhug the heretic while the aforementioned right leg swings for the clackers.


Each shoulder joins tightly against the sides of the helmet, making contact in the armpit and across the top of the shoulder as well. You really couldn’t ask for better contact points.

Pyrrhus will be joining the Lost Hemisphere prize pool, and will end up in someone’s grubby little mitts down the line accordingly.

Linus & Edrea, and Pyrrhus, were all March releases, and are available in your FLGS’ and through your preferred online retailers accordingly.