The measure of a man… or elf… or skorne… or troll… or…

It’s not hyperbole to suggest that Privateer Press has developed, over the years, one of the best balanced tabletop miniatures games in the world when it comes to the competitive scene. All personal meta discussions aside, and bearing in mind the ebb and flow as new releases are made available, there have been winning lists from every faction at high levels of competitive play. This is in part due to one of the tightest rulesets out there, with attention paid to needed adjustments and erratas on a regular basis. When X happens, the rules make it clear that Y is the result, and generally speaking, there’s not a lot of room for misinterpretation (though Menoth knows, some people try).

To go with that sort of precision thinking, it’s no surprise that Privateer also makes precision gauges and templates, and lo and behold, we have brand new ones hitting shelves this month.



There is a set for each faction, and each set comes with three templates: Blast, Spray, and… um… widget?


The Blast template is a transparent 5″, with 4 and 3″ radii marked clearly on both sides, and one direction – 4 – clearly identified as the direction of the origin of the attack.


The Spray template is 10″ long, and is marked for 6 and 8″ as well. Distances are marked incrementally along the edges of the template, making if functional as a distance slide for the blast template as well (or, simply a ruler).


The widget has marked edges for .5″, 1″, 2″ and 5″ measuring, as well as the model volumes. Note that the Huge base model volume is also listed.


For the record, it says:


The Spray template reads “WARMACHINE” but it’s cut off by the edges. I know, I was a teensy bit disappointed it wan’t an Easter Egg too 😉


The new templates release this month, and with their printed with ink on one side rather than being etched, it’s a lot harder to confuse which side of the template you want facing up as well. Straighten out your local meta.