Yamazaru progress

Disclaimer: I didn’t get to Adepticon. One year! One year I will! For now, we’ll see if I can’t talk someone into a post mortem post for later in the week, and follow up on last Monday’s blog post when I nattered about setting painting goals, specifically for my Yamazaru clan for Ninja All Stars. All the chibi monkey ninjas!

I almost made it… almost. Timeline-wise you’ll be reading this Monday morning, but I’m writing it Saturday night; I’m not predicting a lot of painting time on Sunday thanks to family obligations, so when it comes to getting my Yamazaru done, the pics below represent how far I managed to get. The Yajiri (Archers) need their bases rimmed, but the Kaiken (Standard Ninja Grunts), Kunoichi (Female Ninjas) and Madoushi (the Basket-hat guys) are all done.


The clan Chunin – the guy with the tetsubo over his shoulder – is started (and may be finished by the the time this post goes up), but the Oni and the two named heroes – Son Goku and Mizaru – will remain on the to-do list. Hopefully I’ll be able to dedicate some time to them soon, but there are other models demanding my attention, like Scarecrow Jack on the side there.


The Yamazaru have the dubious honour of being pretty much the slowest of the clans, balanced out by being one of the most resilient. Their Yajiri rank in as pretty much the worst archers in the game, but the flipside is that their Kaiken and Kunoichi are top tier (as things go for Kaiken and Kunoichi) both on offense and defense. The other clans lean one way or the other – offense at the expense of defense, or vice versa – but the Yamazaru Kaiken and Kunoichi are on top for both. Will it turn out that this is sufficient to counterbalance their movement being on the lower ends across the board? We’ll see, we’re going to be running events in the Gdaycave real soon…