SDEFK: Scarecrow

One  of the neat things about the Super Dungeon Explore minibosses that you can purchase individually is that (almost) all of them can be used as heroes as well, since The Forgotten King was released. You get double duty out of each of your chibis! The subject of today’s Chibi Wednesday post is just one such gribbly. Call him what you will, I tend to refer to him as Pumpkin Jack, but he’s the Contruct Hero known as Scarecrow… which has me totally wondering if we can do a whole Wizard of Oz riff with a lion (Nyan Nyan?), Tin Man (Dragonblade?) and Dorothy (Marie-Claude?). Hrm…

Scarecrow is, as mentioned, a Construct. Not Undead, no matter how evil a glow you paint in his eyes. Like all heroes he has 3 actions, and the standard six movement, five wounds, one potion. He has both red and yellow crystal affinities – I’m particularly curious as to whether we’ll see downsides to these once Super Dungeon Legends rolls out – and is both Fixable and Flammable.

  • Fixable means that anyone using the Bandage action on him repairs two wound tokens, instead of the normal one.
  • Flammable means that any time he’s attacked by something that can potentially set him on fire, he automatically catches fire even if he succeeds in his defense roll. He won’t take any damage from the attack in that case, but will suffer the fire status effect, and burn at the start of each of his activations until it is removed accordingly.
Scarecrow by Gdaybloke

When it comes to swinging his scythe, the Scarecrow is no slouch. Rolling One Red Two Blue (1R2B) right out of the gate is pretty solid, and when you add that his melee reach is two squares, rather than the standard one, it means he’s going to be hacking away at targets that would normally be able to hide behind the front line.

His armour is only 2B, so you’ll want to buff that with some Treasure or Loot at your earliest convenience. His 1 square melee reach means he *can* hide behind a Hearthsworn or somesuch, but chances are Scarecrow will want to be mixing it up.

One surprise (for now) was 2R Will. He doesn’t have an innate magic attack to take advantage of it, but it does mean – in Classic mode – that the team’s going to be winning a lot of initiative rolls, and he’s going to present a good challenge when a witch tries to turn him into a toad.

Finally, 1B on Dexterity. No ranged attack, no dodging. Granting him Stealth really isn’t going to do much in Classic mode.

We’ve already touched on his solid Strength – that 1R2B earlier – so it’s no surprise that he packs a solid Special Attack, in Harvest Scythe. It doesn’t add any dice, but it’s a Sweep3 attack, meaning it’ll swing through a *lot* of opposing squares, and as an added bonus, anything that survived the reaping gets hit with the Slow status effect. Scarecrow can clear a room of minions and creeps in a hurry. Granted, it takes him 2 of his 3 actions, but still…

Speaking of actions, Bumper Crop uses 2 of his 3 as well, but it’s a Wave1effect, so you it can affect any adjacent friendlies, and with a Heal2effect it’s one of the few abilities that can repair that much damage in one pop.

Finally, his Pumpkin Bombis his potion, and here’s where that 2R Will comes into play. It’s a Dangerous ability, so make sure no friendlies will be caught in the Burst1radius, but at 6 squares of range you should be good. Then you get to roll WILL vs DEX, and everything affected – and again you’re rolling 2R here out of the gate – catches fire. That’s instant death to pretty much all any single wound minions and creeps.

As a hero, Scarecrow, in the end, is built for one thing: The harvest. The Creeps and Minions swarm, he steps up and levels the field, reaping as he goes. He brings little to the table in terms of bringing down Bosses (though with the right Loot he’ll be more than capable of pitching in), but right out of the gate, unless your foe is slinging fire he’s going to be doing an admirable job of keeping minions off the board.

Jack Scarecrow is available from Soda Pop’s online store, or through your FLGS. He comes with both miniboss and hero cards, as well as the Harvest Scythe treasure card, and awaits the opportunity to show you whether he really has a brain.