Southern Ontario Open 2016: Drive by photodump!

It could be argued that the Southern Ontario Open is the rockingest, most phantasmagorically amazeballs Warmachine/Hordes event to happen every year in Hamilton, Ontario. It could be, most likely by folks like TimTheEnchanter and Aggyface, but they may have a point. Parental responsibilities prohibited me from actually partaking in the gaming shenanigans occuring this past weekend, but I was able to drop by for a quick social hello, and naturally, the camera came out. Hey, it’s what I do. You can’t expect me to go to a cool event and NOT photodocument it. Just wait til the next SCA event I go to…


I wonder which way it is…


I arrived between rounds; many folk were off obtaining noms, but the room was still filled with hubbub.


While there were a number of games being showcased, Netrunner had some folks giddy on the corner tables.


“And he was like, I’m playing NBN!, and I was like, Ermagherd!! And then I kicked his butt.”


It did my heart good to see people enjoying Thunderdome as well.


Iron Arena prizes, securely guarded by elite Press Gangers, along with the Board Game Library. Also several bottles of water. Hydration is a thing, kids.


Aggy tried, but failed to harsh my vibe.


Jeremy McClure. Heartthrob, heartbreaker. Once a shining example of Cygnar’s glorious pride, now a filthy blighted Nyss.

Still a bit dreamy though.


Folks getting their game on. Is good times.


One thing that delighted me on a personal level was the sheer number of Menites I saw in attendance.


Yo, Kris Aubin! You’re a legend and stuff, show me something pretty!


Yup. Pretty.


Local legends duke it out under the watchful eye of their tripod overlords.


#Conflicted. On the one hand, he’s a Whovian. On the other hand, he’s playing Legion.


So many medium bases!!!


Moosemachine: Classy as F*ck.


Taking a sip of his secret magic formula, he knew that should his dice fail in the next round, his magically enhanced charisma would make his opponent yield regardless!


The number of tables that held Colossals or Gargantuans was also a thing.


John was… a-MUSE-d… HAH! I’m hilarious.


“Hey, Nick! Who does Number 2 work for??!???”




This magnificently bearded lothario is the scribe responsible for tomorrow’s blog post. That doesn’t explain why Xerxis is peeking at us from his chest. It must be a Kingston thing.


And in the midst of it all, a new player learning the game. I should ping him and find out if he successfully crushed those filthy Cygnarans…


Jeremy ponders the offer of the lead role in Zoolander 3.


You want proof that Coke is evil? Check it. It’s the preferred fizzy beverage of Satyxis Raiders. What more proof do you need??


The Southern Ontario Open is an annual event held in Hamilton, Ontario – a mere 20 minutes from the Gdaycave, people! – and hosts multiple tournaments over its multi-day schedule. Every year it grows. Maybe next year I’ll actually be able to attend and play.

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  1. Man I wish I had a chance to talk to you while you were running around! We have to have you on the cast soon

    • Avatar gdaybloke
      gdaybloke says:

      Sadly, parental responsibilities meant that I could only hang around for brief visit. ‘Twas neat to see you doing your thing 🙂