Grissel Bloodsong

Grissel Bloodsong has always been near and dear to me, one of my favourite characters in Hordes. Not because of her in-game effects, but because of her character. A gifted warrior, Grissel is unique among the warlocks of the Trollbloods faction in that she’s not just a warlock, nor a Dhunian shaman, but her true power is her birthright as one of the daughters of Bragg. Through the power of her lungs, Grissel can exhort or bring low, and yet she is so much more than just (heh… just…) a Fell Caller. Grissel Bloodsong is a woman who lost her lifemate, but rose above her personal tragedy for the sake of her kriel, and stands as second only to Madrak Ironhide  himself when it comes to commanding the United Kriels. Oh, and she has a new resculpt. Let’s look at it.



Grissel comes in four components. One body, one head w/ attached scarf billowing heroically in the wind, one leg because she had a little too much to drink, and her hammer – Resounder – gripped firmly in both hands, which attach to the body at the elbows.


The body piece retains a lot of design similarities to the original – heavily stitched and embossed leathers, armour plating, etc – just reposed. This is still the Grissel Bloodsong that we know and love, she’s just switched up her stance.


All components join neatly, seams largely hidden by cloth or armour plating. Contact points are generous, and with a decent CA glue there should be no need to pin anything.


Of course, one of the bigger challenges to any of these posts is showing the model as “assembled” as I can without actually gluing anything in place, as I don’t want to interfere with the painter’s task. Thankfully, Grissel’s sculpt allowed me to give a decent approximation. Maybe if I had a third hand…


Painting chores on Grissel were handled by Lostie TheGreatGaspy, who forgot to clean up the back of the base and will be berated accordingly, possibly with bonus radish pelting.

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