Painting Skarre

You may recall my nattering in the past about Pat from Artisan’s Edge. Pat is one of the local uberpainters, and the gent responsible for painting all of my gobsmackingly pretty Arena Rex models. He’s woefully behind on updating pics on his blog (Shame, Pat, shame!) but his Facebook page is full of shinies too. Now, Privateer Press recently blessed the community with a model that’s completely unplayable in Warmachine & Hordes, primarilly because it has no legs. Or arms. Or a lower torso. Or even rules, though I imagine someone out there might be tempted to proxy it. I am, of course, talking about the Queen of the Broken Coast collector bust. 

Who am I to pass up an opportunity to see a model painted by someone who knows what they’re doing? What kind of monster would I be if I didn’t leverage that into making someone else write a blog post for me? Muhahahahaha! (*ahem*).

Pat painted a thing. He wrote some words. Please, enjoy.

A very big thanks to Gdaybloke for the opportunity to paint this girl up.

The paint scheme I used wasn’t complex. I kept the palette simple and and as limited as possible. She was initially based black using Vallejo Surface Black primer. This was applied with anairbrush (SATAgraph 4B .40mm)


Only three colours were used for her skin. I wanted a Gothic/Vampiric look so I based using Minitaire Desolation Beach and followed that with Vallejo Model Air white. This was carefully applied with an airbrush (Harder & Steenbeck Infinity .15mm) This was finished off by picking out the highest points again with Vallejo Model Air White with a standard brush. At this point I went back and did s little shading around her eyes to give a little depth. I used Reaper Master Series Grey Liner. The lips were based using Vallejo Model Air Black and highlighted with Minitaire Ancient Bone. Both applied with a standard brushThe eyes and gem were painted using the same colours Vallejo Model Colour Emerald, Citadel Layer Sybarite Green and Citadel Edge Gauss Blaster Green.

The coat was painted using Reaper Master Series Dusky Grape and Faded Purple (both out of print) followed by Minitaire Demonic Skin and finished with Citadel Edge Dechala Lilac. I used both a standard brush and airbrush here (Harder & Steenbeck Infinity .15mm) The metals were also applied by standard brush. I used Army Painter Warpaints Gun Metal, Shining Silver and Vallejo Model Colour Metal Medium. The metal looked a little to pristine and shiny so they were toned down using several thin layers of Reaper Grey Liner. The Verdigris effect on the armour was achieved by using several thin glazes of long out of print and very ancient Citadel Turquoise and Green Glazes.


The horns were painted using Vallejo Model Air Grey Brown as a base followed by Minitaire Mummy, Menoth White Base and finally an edge highlight with Minitaire Ancient Bone. All were applied using both airbrush and standard brush (Harder & Steenbeck Evolution .40mm)

The hair was simple (perhaps a bit too simple) Vallejo Model Air Dark Sea Grey and then edge highlighted with Model Air Light Grey.


That about covers it. Nice and simple

Sure. Sure, Pat. Nice and simple. Like, any goombah could have done it. You just wait until I find time to put paint to model for my one, I’ll show you how nice and simple it is!!! – Gday