The Avatar of Menoth

Alright, I’ll admit it, I spend a good portion of the time I should have been working on today’s blog post helping a friend come up with a roller derby name. She asked for help, I helped. I regret nothing!!! It’s what Menoth would have wanted, I’m sure of it. When he’s not busy fighting the Devourer in Urcaen and otherwise purging heretics with cleansing flame, I’m fairly certain he likes to kick back, rest his feat up on a big pile of the Faithful, and put some derby on the big screen. In the meantime, his servants in the Protectorate have been hard at work upgrading his ride. A new coat of paint, new stereo system… the brand new Avatar of Menoth resculpt is ready to persecute some filthy Morrowans.



The Avatar’s MkII card will soon be defunct… but oh, those nifty components…


Like many of the other resculpts we’re seeing in recent times, the Avatar of Menoth resculpt takes advantage of Privateer Press’ resin casting facilities to produce a much lighter model, with minimal metal components that tend to be toward the lower portions of the model, to help with stability. Topheaviness is no longer as much of a factor as it was in the past.


Let’s get those metal parts out of the way, shall we? The head pops into the expected cavity, where a small peg will align the facing for you.


Each leg is *loosely* aligned; the keys on the legs are notably thinner than their sockets. A little putty in the join will snug that up as you align the feet with your chosen base.


The smaller of the two exhaust chimneys is so metal it … um… does something particularly metal. I’m not overly metal myself, so I don’t really have any life experiences to draw on for inspiration here. I’m more marshmallowy.


Each of the drapes connects to the underside of the outer shoulders. In a *huge* improvement from the original, each also has pattern of large and small nodules that align with the shoulderpads in such a manner that each is unique, making it much easier to get the right one in the right place.


Finally, there’s little pipe things that will connect behind the inner shoulders. I have three of them. Not sure why.


Okay, the shoulders! The inner shoulder pieces are identical. The torso and outer shoulders are both shaped to fit the lines of the inner shoulder without need for any sockets or pegs. Do pay attention to the R and L on the inside of the outer shoulders, though, because this will affect the placement of the drapes, hence potentially the alignment of the sword and shield.


Keeping everything nicely aligned is a significant improvement on the previous model’s stability.


No need to worry about the arms getting confused – the right arm has a keyed socket that joins under the shoulder, the left cups in at the elbow.


The right arm! Sword joins at the wrist, aligned with a slot that’s annoyingly out of the shot here thanks to the camera angle.


The butterknife of doom never looked so good…


The rear of the shield secures to the back of the forearm easily. This is the point where I cough and casually mention that the left fist is metal as well, I just forgot to mention it earlier, but I mention it quietly so no-one notices the gaffe.


This shield remains one of my favourite components on any warjack ever. I make no excuses for my love of the Menofix, no matter how irritating I find it painting filigree. I endure in service to Menoth.

I wish I could show you a completely painted model, but truth is, all that filigree is taking me quite some time to muscle through. In time, in time…

The Avatar of Menoth resculpt is available now through your favourite game stores and online retailers. Go. Smack some filthy Morrowans around a bit.