Bobcat In A Box

bobcatlogoAnyone who knows me knows I’m occasional prone to bouts of whimsy. One bout a little while ago led me to a website that said “Gimme some of your money, and I’ll find ebay auctions for you. Just tell me how much of your money you want spent on each auction, and give me some categories, and you’ll start getting random stuff.” The website would take my budget and category choices, and from there search ebay for cheap auctions with free shipping and get me… stuff.

Boy, howdy, this sounded like fun, so I looked into it some more. It’s all based on this XKCD comic. It was an amusing idea, and someone picked it up and ran with it. All homage due, or course, though Bobcat In A Box is unaffiliated with XKCD in any way. So I said “Here’s some denarii, here’s how I want it spread.” You have the option of going for more auctions with a lower max amount, or fewer auctions but with slightly higher value.

For categories I opted for a range including Lego, Marvel, Dr Who, Crafts, History, Games, Socks, and about thirty other things. What I ended up with was… well, let’s take a look.



It’s an ice cube mold? Or chocolate mold? Or resin mould? Whatever it is, it makes oversized lego bricks.


It is made of selected ingredients. Whatever it is. Handmade, just baked. A single sheet of 16 baking stickers…


One of the frontrunners for the Wincollumn, six d20!


Batman keyring. It may not hold the keys I deserve, but it will hold the keys I need.


These three I lumped together, because… well, their pics worked out that way. A hinged pink  button thing that reminds me of the clasps we used to clip on my kids’ mittens, a dice featuring a variety of of positions for… coupling… and a dragon ear cuff thingie where the tail goes through a standard lobe piercing.

Not pictured: Steel puff pastry tip, and a shoddily made Tardis Key pendant.

I’m not entirely sure what I expected when I signed up, and by golly, I got it! It was an interesting experiment, and I have a bunch of knick-knacks to leave in geocaches and… a mold to test, I guess! It was a fun experiment to dabble with, and I’m prepared if I ever choose to play Infinity again with my new pile of d20’s.


8 Responses to Bobcat In A Box

  1. That looks awesome! I may have to try a BIAB next!

  2. At least you GOT something for your money! I’ve spent $60 in the past almost 3 months and have received NOTHING! Not even this cheap crap you got!

    • Avatar gdaybloke
      gdaybloke says:

      If you think you’re going to get anything totes amazeballs, you’re not in the right place. The entire point of the thing is to give you stuff from auctions that no-one else bid on. Like, at all You\’ll get some giggles, but that’s it.

      As for the time delay, it was almost two months before I saw anything at all. It’s coming on slow boats, it can legit take months to reach around the planet. If it has you that upset, I’d suggest cancelling the service and emailing those behind it.

  3. Avatar Aliree Paul
    Aliree Paul says:

    I just signed up for Bobcat. I gave it $40 a month. I think they were upfront that it will or could take a long time to receive packages. I plan on adding lots of keywords for the bot to avoid. I’ve been watching YouTube videos and reading articles to see what words are best to avoid. I plan on using so-called useless items for geo caching and adding to a mystery box that I will then go on to sell on an auction site myself.

  4. Avatar Lisa Bradshaw
    Lisa Bradshaw says:

    Spent $80 between April and May…still have nothing, not one single item! Customer service, Zander, has stopped replying to me and I am blocked from commenting on their FB page! It can’t be a scam unless the people doing the unboxing videos are paid but this has been an annoying and frustrating time, rather than fun and entertaining.

    • Avatar gdaybloke
      gdaybloke says:

      It took a few months before I started seeing packages arrive, and that was before the postal system was impacted by Covid-19 and people overwhelming it with online purchases rather than shopping in person. I’m sorry you haven’t had a fun experience so far, but hopefully you’ll start seeing random crap soon!

  5. Avatar Bonny Pesch
    Bonny Pesch says:

    My experience with this service was dismal. So far, after almost 4 months, I have received two items. I will give the guy in customer service kudo’s for dealing with my concerns quickly. But I ended up requesting my money back. Nothing, or almost nothing shows up. 1 small item the first month, a sticker. Then I got charged for month #2. I complained and paused month #3 and they did give me my money back for #2. About the end of month #2 I got an item. I paused month #4 again. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I would get an email about accepting or rejecting a pick every now and then. The choices were pitiful. So far I received a sticker and some little piece that looked like it came out of a gumball machine. After 4 months I gave up, asked for my money back and received it. I continued to get the acceptance emails for weeks until I finally emailed them again and asked them to stop. Today I received a kids book in the mail. It took 15 minutes to determine that it was from BCIAB. I cancelled my subscription well over a month ago. So if you are so inclined to try it, I hope you have lots of patience. And money. Because you’ll get charged the monthly fee and in the end, will likely have very little to show for it.