Concentrated Power: New Retribution tokens from Broken Egg

Lost Hemisphere has been a labour of love for me for many years now, but it’s only with the support of the community and our sponsors that we can continue to do the thing. Today I am gobsmackingly proud to show you an exclusive preview from Broken Egg Games,  Lost Hemisphere’s preferred provide of army trays and manufacturer of gorgeous tokens for Netrunner, Game of Thrones, and more, but most relevant to today, Warmachine and Hordes.

If you haven’t been sleeping under a rock on social media, you may have noticed the Broken Egg is soon to release officially licensed tokens for each faction. Today, I get to show you the Retribution tokens!

betrib3Not only does official licensing mean that the tokens can bear the proper names of effects and abilities, it also means faction logos and other recognisable elements can be included, such as spell glyphs, blade signatures, and even arc node dials. That’s what I’ve decided they’re called. You know the things I’m talking about, the ones from the Phoenix.

With the advent of Warmachine Mk III it’s no surprise that everyfaction is getting looked at through fresh eyes from old players and new. We all want our armies to look the best (except Ninja Steve, who obstinately refuses to paint his), so as facilities and technology improves I’m loving seeing the art for these tokens (and for the other factions, of course – I *am* rumored to be looking at starting Cryx, after all) and looking forward to seeing them on the tabletop in all their acrylic glory.

For a preorder price of $60 for the compete faction set of tokens you can have the prettiest mini feat in town. I mean look at it. How pretty is that? And have you looked at your Houseguard Standard Bearers lately?Beautiful.

And then there’s…


… the Feat token. Sword blades look familiar? How about the curves of a certain warcaster’s armour vanes? Broken Egg’s already proven it can make beautiful art on tokens with their Elite Token Set; I want to say I’m astounded by these, as given that I own a bunch of the Elite Tokens, I expect no less than exquisite precision and the highest quality aesthetic results at this point.


ENORMOUS TOKEN!!!!! Menoth help me, I’m fighting to the temptation to make this my Bookface avatar….

Broken Egg Games’ partnership with Privateer Press is already yielding fantastic army trays, and with these new token sets coming soon, it’s only getting better. You can follow Broken Egg Games on their Facebook page here – – to stay abreast of all their shenanigans.

Lost Hemisphere appreciates the continued support of Broken Egg Games as our sponsor. Support the peeps who support us! Get your trays, tokens and gobsmackingly beautiful resin terrain from these guys 🙂

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    pRophaniti1978 says:

    Those look pretty sweet. Imma need to see the Merc ones.