Mk III Khador Battlebox

For the Motherland! Which makes me ponder, if there are multiple Motherlands depending on one’s own nationalistic perspective, are they related? Is there an Auntland, or a SecondCousinTwiceRemovedland? Anyway, today we look at the next battlebox. We could say it’s the smallest, since it only has three models, but let’s be honest, those Khadoran warjacks are enormous. Khador has always stood for one thing: Endurance. The endure the harsh winters of their homeland, stoic and stubborn, and their warjacks are designed to withstand punishing blows that would easily turn lesser constructs into so much scrap metal. Their MkIII iterations continue the trend.

Khador Battlegroup


Lord Kozlov, Viscount of Scarsgrad

I wish I could ramble on a little right here about who Lord Koslov is, but his short fiction piece has yet to grace my iPhone. Instead, I’m going to pretend that he was born the youngest child of the previous viscount, and was picked on by his peers for his love of tea parties. His siblings died during the invasion of Llael when they ate some dodgy escargot, leaving him as the sole heir to the viscounty after his father passed away in the arms of his chief rival from the Scarsgrad Chess Enthusiasts Klub (SCEK).

What we have instead, is one of only two weapon masters in the new wave of battlebox warcasters and warlocks. He’s skilled with his Great Axe at MAT 7, which has a 2″ melee range and hits at P+S12, so he’s cracking warjack armour on a strictly average damage roll thanks to Weapon Master. The only warcaster with more health boxes is Malekus, and his native DEF+ARM of 32 is the highest in terms of bare stats available.

Oh, and with that axe he has Precision Strike and Sidestep to consider as well. He could potentially walk his way right through a unit to find his way toward the squishy center of an opponent’s army.

His spell list is well balanced as well, with an AoE (Avalanche), a traditionally Khadoran zot (Razor Wind), the potentially pyrrhic Fury as a damage buff, Tactical Supremacy for a little board control, and Chosen Ground for Pathfinder and Steady. Stack that with a feat that gives a SPD boost (which is something every Khadoran caster should have access too) and a potential ARM buff in Unyielding, pushing those Khadoran warjacks into the “You’re not hurting me at all” range


I’ve always liked the Decimator. It hasn’t received a lot of love from the adherents of the Empress’ will, but it’s always seemed pretty stomptastic to me. In MkIII it’s scaled from 9 to 14pts, and retained its Sustained Attack on the Rip Saw and Beat Back on the Dozer gun. That said, it’s lost a point of POW on the Rip Saw making it P+S17, but traded it for a point of MAT. I think I’d happily take a more reliable attack at P+S17 – since every attack after the first is going to automatically hit – than a stronger attack that’s more likely to miss on the initial attack, forcing me to spend Focus to buy more attacks and still trying to trigger that Sustained Attack ability. Koslov doesn’t have an attack buff to help out here (unless you count getting a critical hit on a target with Avalanche), but it still seems like a solid trade to me.


Ah, the old workhorse. Like the Decimator, the Juggernaut received a MAT buff in MkIII up to MAT 7, but other than that, and the standard 1″ melee reach heavy warjacks now enjoy, the Juggernaut is unchanged. Scaling it from 7 to 12 points for MkIII hasn’t changed its ice axe at all – still P+S19 with Crit Freeze. When you’ve built the backbone of the Khadoran warjack industry, when it’s been the single most reliable piece of machinery for generations, why change it? Sounds very… Khadoran to me 😉

Without the fluff and with only three models in the box it’s difficult to expound for too long on the Khadoran battlebox, but it’s everything that the Motherland is known for. Straightforward, brutal, tough. Hell, Koslov even -has- Tough. As a battlegroup you may be more reliant on the warjacks than Sorscha’s was, but Koslov’s no joke. Just like the entirety of the Khadoran race… In the grim frostness of the North, there is only War(jacks). 

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    Tilaurin says:

    I’m excited as. This will be my fifth Juggernaut and second Decimator, both warjacks I’ve made heavy use of in MK2.