MkIII Protectorate Battlebox

You knew this was next, and you can probably guess how  wide of a malevolent grin I have on my face as we look at the next battlebox for MkIII. It’s time to wash away those filthy Morrowans in a wave of cleansing flame. Let your inner pyromaniac fly free (only in your imagination, let’s not be actually burning stuff), because it’s time to visit the Incendium and check out what we’ll have to play with from the Protectorate of Menoth.

Protectorate of Menoth Battlegroup


Malekus, the Burning Truth

Early on, Malekus was promoted as being the Protectorate’s version of the Butcher of Khardov. Many people assumed this meant that Menoth was going to have a new champion when it comes to damage output, but the truth is a little more subtle than that. After reading Malekus’ introductory fiction, Fires of Truth, it became clear that Malekus and Orsus Zoktavir have a lot more in common than just their hefty physiques. Like, the Butcher, Malekus is a man unhinged. Fanatically devoted to the True Law and with a burning (ha!) hatred of those who don’t adhere to the same, Malekus at the same time is ready and willing to completely turn his personality on its head and be warm, welcoming, loving and forgiving, to any who truly repent and are willing to accept truth of Menoth. There’s a certain innocent purity to him, though it dovetails with homicidal zealotry. It’s no wonder Feora took a liking to him.

With 7 Focus, Malekus is one of the three best spell-slingers in the collection of new Warcasters and Warlocks. This is not to mean that he’s a slouch in other departments. With a 10″ boostable POW13 auto-fire spray, and auto-fire on his melee attack as well, his average MAT and RAT of 6 are still not to be dismissed. His DEF and ARM combine for a total of 30, making him strictly average, but he has Ashen Veil, so gains Concealment making him DEF16 against nearly all ranged and magic attacks, and DEF16 against nearly all living enemy models within 2″ – so melee ranges – putting him at an effective DEF + ARM of 32 against the vast bulk of attacks, making him one of the better options defensively.

His spell list is very… Menite… in flavour. Some anti-magic with Banishing Ward, some fire with Immolation, fire -and- buffing with Ignite, a knock-down AoE to bring in that little taste of Kreoss1, and Open Fire, which for two Focus lets a warjack in Malekus’ control area make an additional melee or ranged attack. Seriously, can this spell list have any more Menite flavour? It’s perfect as an introduction for a new player into the kind of shenaniganry you can expect, on one level or another, from most of the Protectorate’s warcaster arsenal.

Oh, and his feat – Raging Inferno – keeps the fires burning longer, and makes them burn hotter.

I love this guy, not only because he appears to be a reasonably balanced warcaster with a decent variety of options in his toolbox, but because he’s a perfect tool to teach a new player what it means to crusade in the name of the True Law. Other Menite warcasters may be buffier, burnier, beatier,whatever


I’ve always loved the Castigator, and not only because CaptainSpud modelled me the most amazing custom Castigator in my early days. Conceptually, the idea of an enormous war machine (hah!) thundering across the battlefield to come to grips with its foes, and just… combusting, setting all around it ablaze… it makes me happy.

In terms of changes, the Castigator scaled from 8 points to 12. Its fists remain P+S16 with auto-fire, and other than the standard increase to 1″ melee range for Heacy Warjacks, the front of the card remains unchanged. Combustion is still there as a special attack, but Ashen Veil is added to the mix. As with Malekus, this provides Concealment and a -2 to-hit debuff against living enemy models with 2″. While this may not save the Castigator (it only pushes its effective DEF up to 12) the fact that it can mess with enemy  models trying to target otherloyal Menites is a good thing.


The Repenter remains a flamethrower on legs, as it should be. Other than scaling from 4 to 8 points, the Repender in MkIII is identical to its MkII iteration. It’s still packing an 8″ auto-fire spray, a P+S13 flail, and … that’s it.
Anyone who’s spent any real time playing with the Repenter can tell you that that’s enough. It’s beauty is its simplicity.


This fellow, however, is a little more complicated, thanks to the presence of an arc node. I understand why it was switched out for a Vanquisher in the MkII 2-player starter box, but in the end, arc nodes are almost as pivotal to Menite shenaniganry as they are to Cryx Tryx, and the Revenger is arguably the best non-character arc node in the game in terms of survivability thanks to the Repulsor Shield. Its points scale from 6 to 10, Repel works as it always has, and its Halberd is still a trusty P+S13, with Powerful Charge to help counter some of those dodgier foes.

The Protectorate of Menoth battlebox’s Warjacks may have undergone very little change from their MkII versions, but Malekus himself presents a fantastic launch point for any budding Scrutator or Exemplar. Give a man a burninator, and he’ll burninate a heretic. Teach a man to burninate, and he’ll level the whole sodding village. Menoth wills it.


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  1. Do you have pics of the Malekus model pieces?