Lonelymonk: Then & Now – The Flames of Reclamation

Before I give Lonelymonk the floor on this one, I guess I should chime in on The Flames of Reclamation. Typically for me, it’s a Menite theme force that no-one liked, so I kinda hadto play it. When the Protectorate first got their theme forces for MkII, this was one of two that everyone immediately dismissed, because it used the High Reclaimer but (a) didn’t allow him any Exemplars to resurrect in opponent’s back arcs, and (b) it didn’t allow the cheapest sources of Souls, the Choir. Oh, and (c) it required two units of Flameguard Cleansers, who nobody had any love for… and (d) tier 3 required three Reclaimers, who would all be competing with the High Reclaimer for souls. The trick, you see, is that Flames of Reclamation required the player to play a differentgame that what was generally accepted as “How you play the High Reclaimer”… and while the theme had some bad matchups (most notably, Legion) it worked. Every turn your army advanced behind a 23″ wall of cloud effects. Your opponent couldn’t see squat to shoot or charge at. If they couldn’t outmaneuver the smokewall, their options were:

  1. Let you deliver the Avatar, backed by 20+ sprays and whatever else you had hidden behind the wall, to wherever you wanted it
  2. Run into the smokewall to engage, at which point there were… 20+ sprays, the Avatar and a minimum of three Soulstorms waiting to nuke single wound infantry
  3. Wait until they were in walking distance so that they could walk in and strike, but… at that point they’re in charge range of the Avatar and in range of all those sprays, and… 

It wasn’t a game-breaking theme, but it was a fun one, and if your opponent needed the Alpha Strike or was heavily reliant on ranged attacks without cloud negation, you got to do what the Protectorate does best: Deny.

Okay, that said, let’s see what Lonelymonk has for us…

lonelymonkavAt TempleCon 2011, I played G’day a game. Imperial Assassins vs The Flames of Reclamation. Two very different armies. Silent Bob (The High Reclaimer) has been a favorite of mine since I did a podcast about him in early 2010. I had some of the models and started slowly building his theme list. I played it a few times in Mk2. I think it is time to see how thinks work in Mk3.

Silent Bob – His stat line gives him another point of ARM and 2″ more command. Oath of Silence (no command) is gone, no surprise. Soul Storm gained Magic damage type. Soul Taker is the same, so he can still have a load of Focus on a big turn.


Crematordidn’t chnage. It’s still a big flaming mace.


  • Ashes to Ashes – Focus cost is now 3. It only effect D3 nearest enemy models within 4″. Wow, d6->d3 and 5″-4″. Was it that good? Yes. Yes it was. – Gday
  • Burning Ash – Focus cost is now 2, and it only has effect if the model doesn’t have fire resistance. You can’t put out 5 clouds at turn, though one or two will still help.
  • Hand of Fate – Bob’s new spell. Upkeep, roll one extra attack/damage die. Discard the lowest die. Model or unit. 2 focus. I can see using this.
  • Immolation – Nothing has changed, a straightforward attack spell with Crit Fire.
  • Sacrificial Lamb – Nothing has changed, but with a bigger battlegroup and free focus every turn, you get more bang for the poor fool getting sacrificed. It saw use in MkII, it will see even more use in MkIII.

Feat: Resurrection used to revide D3+3 warrior models, now it’s D3+5. Better by two models, surely a blessing from Menoth.

Flames3Avatar of Menoth – Terror is gone! We all knew that. His Stat Line is the same. His Shield is 1″ and gained one point of POW, while his Sword still blows up things and sets their neighbors on fire.

Avatar, Menoth’s Gaze and Sacred Ward are pretty much the same, though according to the forums, the Avatar can now be disrupted despite lacking a cortex. Further investigation is required. In the end, this is a warjack that doesn’t need a warcaster to operate, makes its own focus and he has enough power and abilities to make him worth taking.

Castigator – The Stat Line is the same, with two POW 16 flaming fists. Combustion is still a 2″ from his base fire circle with Continuous Fire. Ashen Veil seem to be everywhere I look, -2 to the attack roll within 2″ is like +2 DEF vs Melee. I’ll take that. 

Purifier – He has another point of MAT, nice. He is a fireproof jack with two Crit Fire weapons with overtake. He lost Chain Attack: Combustion and still has Flame Trail, which is the main reason I see him being used. The loss of chain attack doesn’t bother me. Base to Base giving Continuous Fire is to much fun. Silent Bob could take 4 of these with is Warjack Points alone :O

Revenger – The Stat Line is the same, sounds familiar. The Shield’s melee gained one Point of POW increase. The Halberd remains unchanged. Repel & Powerful Charge still combine to make this one of the most survivable arc nodes in the game. A very useful jack.

Flame Guard Cleansers – The gained a point of MAT and STR. That, combined with another POW on the melee weapon, means they are not a joke in Melee any more. The Spray is remains the same, though the incinerate order is GONE!! No more 4″ AoE fire cloud that stays in play for a round. They gained Ashen Veil, because it’s a thing. More reason to get them in Melee.This unit got better. Try it, you know you want to.


Flame Guard Cleanser Officer – He gained a point of MAT & STR, but lost a point of DEF. Bushwhack order and Wall of Fire (I never used this) are gone, though Scouring Flame is still there – the once per game minifeat giving the unit 10″ range on their sprays. The real bonus is that he gained Tactics: Assault!!! Yes, yes, yes. Charge 8″ and 10″ Spray from 11 models. Ashen Veil too, get this guy into Melee. In MkII he wasn’t in demand, now I won’t take this unit without the officer. Assault baby….

Deliverers became Deliverer Skyhammers – The Stat line is the same, but they now have simple CRA. Gone is that wall of text on the back that provided pseudo-CRA’s with expanding template sizes. They are still inaccurate, as they should be.  Range 16, POW 8, 3″ AoE. All ten give you an effective RAT 11 and POW 18 on a direct hit. That will hit most of the time and POW 18 is a good kick in the yarbles to anything.  

Deliverer Sunburst Crew – When I first compared these, the SPD – 2 seemed like a really bad hit, but Mobile Artillery give +1″ movement for each Grunt within 2″ of the Sunburst. So it is SPD 4 until you take losses. CMD went down to 5, so what. The Sunburst POW went from 16 -> 15, but it is now Fire damage and Continuous Fire. I will take that on a 4″ AoE any day. I’m surprised that the grunts don’t give RAT bonuses, Ranged finder is gone. The fact that it can move and fire in the same turn now means personal testing is needed to see the impact. Sure, without Rangefinder it’s slightly less accurate, but it’s now a cheaper, portable pie plate dropper setting mobs of infantry on fire for those days you can’t afford a Vanquisher.

Holy Zealots – MAT went up one and CMD came down by two. I guess they don’t spread out much, but then it’s not like these are well trained troops. Zealot Training document “Here go throw these and swing this mace if they get close”. Fire Bombs get another inch of Range, nice. The prayers changed though – Fervor lost +2 attack, Warding is the same, and Path of Flames give them Immunity to Fire, making them immune to their own firebombs. Toss into melee!

Monolith Bearer – He lost a point of RAT and a Point of CMD. What does he use his RAT for anyways? Could you throw anything with a big stone cross on your back? Greater Destiny now returns models to play rather than granting invulnerability. Holy Monolith is the same, granting +4 ARM to the unit when triggered. New is Sacrificial Pawn to keep this model safe.

Reclaimer became Reclaimer Gatekeeper – He lost a point of MAT and gained JACK MARSHAL!!!! Wow, I never saw that one coming. Ashen Veil (more!! – Gday) is always good. Mk2 Reclaimer collected souls and used the boost or give focus to Jacks; Mk3 Reclaimer can instead spend souls to give a model Ashen Veil, put a 3″ cloud on model or (think of the Cyclops Savage) give a model Future Sight. Think of the Avatar boosting after you roll the dice – More focus efficiency. Sadly this doesn’t work with Jack Marshal (except the Sanctifier). This toolbox need to get some play time before we will know much about it.

Flames1Vassal of Menoth – His MAT went down by 1, not sure why. Iron Sentinel is the same. His Magic Ability is also down by one. Arcane Bolt is the same, Enliven is still good. Sadly, Ancillary Attack is gone, but this is no huge surprise. Instead, more Warjack efficiency with Empower to give a jack a focus and removes disruption. 

Vassal Mechanik – He lost a point of MAT, DEF and ARM. Shrug, he isn’t a melee monster. The loss of Iron Sentinel hurts a little, but even in MkII  this guy would die if you sneezed at him.  Now he auto repairs D3+1 points, that’s his job, don’t expect anything else. A one point Jack repair tool in a game where there will be more jacks. If you have an extra point, add him…


75 Army

  • The High Reclaimer – WJ: +32
    – Castigator – PC: 12
    – Castigator – PC: 12
    – Purifier – PC: 8
  • Avatar of Menoth – PC: 20
  • Reclaimer Gatekeeper – PC: 3
  • Reclaimer Gatekeeper – PC: 3
  • Vassal of Menoth – PC: 3
  • Vassal Mechanik – PC: 1
  • Vassal Mechanik – PC: 1
  • Vassal Mechanik – PC: 1
  • Flameguard Cleansers – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15
    – Flameguard Cleanser Officer – PC: 4
  • Flameguard Cleansers – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15
    – Flameguard Cleanser Officer – PC: 4
  • Deliverer Sunburst Crew – Gunner & 2 Grunts: 5


It is very easy to go with one unit of Cleansers or drop the Avatar and add in a unit of Deliverer Skyhammers and a Sunburst. If you want to Marshal with the Reclaimers you can’t use Jack Points, so that will eat your infantry up. Bob’s Job hasn’t changed, a smoke cloud here, sacrifice a grunt to feed the jacks. The battlegroup all have continuous fire. If you want a Revenger, drop the Purifier and adjust the solos. Another option is Castigator, Crusader and Revenger.


Three Mechaniks to keep the jacks running. One Vassal of Menoth for zotting and Empowering. Two Reclaimers are a hold over from the theme list in Mk2. There are plenty of souls, collect some and move to make the best use of them. We’ll have to wait until we see the MkIII theme forces before we know if I will ever get to use the third one allowed my the Mk2 theme. The whole army is SPD 5 (except the Sunburst). Getting up the board fast in any way shape or form isn’t on the agenda. March up the table, 18″ spray range might be your Alpha strike with some pot shots from the Sunburst.

Even if you don’t try this crazy mess, Cleansers are going to be a surprise to some people. Especially when they light them up…

Till next time, Just do it…