What are you painting today?

A friend called. We chatted a little. I couldn’t chat long, I was busy making dinner and attending to other parental things, but he asked…

“What are you painting today?”

Our conversation ended, I took the chicken out of the over. I ate dinner with the kids. The chicken was good, for the record, but the words bounced around in my head.

“What are you painting today?”

It occurred that, really, it’s been awhile since I’ve actually completed a painting project. Part of this has been the loss of my FLGS and the subsequent mourning period. Part of this has been other external real life influences. Part of this has been the usual ADOS I suffer from (Attention Deficit Ooh Shiny) that has me flitting from game to game, from ruleset to platform to whatnot, and in the end I’m left sitting here looking a whole bunch of painting projects, some at the assembly stage, others primed, some even partially completed…

“What are you painting today?”

Perhaps the biggest mental bulwark has been waiting for Warmachine MkIII to drop. I knew, in my sweet pyromaniac burning heart, that MkIII would see a return to the Protectorate, to Menoth, but I also knew that I’m surrounded by several other Warmachine and Hordes factions, all of whom are in need of some sort of attention.

My Retribution are by far my most painted army, but those Destorts… Oh, those Destors.

My Drop Bears (definitely not Cygnar) never did get their Storm Strider fully assembled.

My Skorne sit with the Animantarax making reptilian puppy dog eyes, can I make it work?

My Legion are still in bits and pieces, their spikes just waiting to dig into my flesh.

My Cryx are largely still in boxes, and…

… wait. My Cryx.

Awhile ago I picked up enough to build a compact 50pt list by Mk II scaling.

Bane Witch Agathia is a super schmexy sculpt.

It’s an opportunity to work out a new palettte

They *are* the one faction I’ve never actually played.

I *did* enjoy painting Bloat Thrall Overseer Mobius a little too much.

They *would* provide a dramatically different playstyle to my Menites.


… dammit…

What are *you* painting?

3 Responses to What are you painting today?

  1. Avatar huronbh
    huronbh says:

    I have always been a Khador player, from all the way back when prime was released in stores in the early days of MK1. Over the years I have played every faction or sub-faction (the different mini faction groups in Mercs and Minions) except Legion (because I always saw them as a broken easy button win and I didn’t like painting the models). In Mk2 I dabbled with Khador but mostly faction hopped every 6 months to a year, until the announcement of Mk3. I looked at each of the new casters and decide I liked the look of Maddox the best and I did not have any Cygnar at the time so I could actually use all the models in the starter (I have everything painted in the Khador and Skorne boxes except the casters which are the other two factions I own right now). I began to collect Cygnar Storm and began working on a paint scheme for them and I managed to accumulate a far bit of an army buying mostly used minis, then the new pdf of the rules and war room 2 are finally released, and now I find myself building and paint Khador models again. Life is so weird.

  2. Team Kromac. Hail to the King, baby.

  3. Avatar Chris Mac
    Chris Mac says:

    Currently working on wrapping up a diorama