Unboxing the MkIII Cryx Battlebox

I warned you a couple of week ago that I would be dabbling in the Scharde Isles… Cryx has been the only faction I’ve never played. I’ve painted Cryx models as prizes for our annual fundraiser at CaptainCon in February, I’ve painted models as gifts for friends and because,well, someone had to paint Mobius for the model review blog post… but now it seems I’m going to be putting together a small army and goofing around with it. To that end, the newly released Mk III Cryx Battlegroup is a solid launch point, with all the goodies one needs to get their feet wet… with necrotite goop. Am I immune to corrosion?



As with all of the new battlegroups, the box comes with just about everything you need except for glue, card sleeves, a marker and an opponent.


Today I want to highlight the Cryx Introductory Guide. There’s one of these in each battlegroup box,and they’re pretty darn nifty.


Each starts with a nice, polite welcome before presenting the introductory short story for the new warcaster/warlock. They were fun to read digitally, now even moreso with page-turning action!


Tactical Advice! Thoughts on expanding your army once you’ve kicked some tires! Painting tips and suggestions! I’ve been a fan of the battleboxes since their revisioning in Mk II< but these Mk III battleboxes just take it that much further, most notably without a significant price increase.

While most everything in the battlebox is stuff we’ve already seen or known about since Mk II, the new warcasters and warlocks are, of course, the stars, so…


The model portion! Complete with a nice Dragon Forge base that will be essentially completely obscured by Agathia’s soulskirt.


The Reaper, Slayer and Deathripper are all familiar models at this point. Though the plastic is recoloured, the models themselves are identical to their Mk II counterparts. I did have to crank the brightness on these pics to get some details, I’ll admit. Damn Cryx and their dark, hateful souls…


Okay, there’s not a lot I could do with the brightness on this one, but it’s only purpose is to show that Agathia comes in four parts, so… I’ll tell you one thing though, I was not prepared for how tall the model is.


Ah! Now we can see some detail! Agathia’s model actually stands with her axe blade taller than a metal Kodiak warjack. Not bad for someone who floats around on a 30mm base.


Her head pops on the nexk stuff, and her spins are in two pieces that glue together before being attached to the model’s back.


Once attached, you have an elegant, super easy to assemble model. My only complaint is that my eyes are old, so I has to prime her white to make it easier for me to pick out the detail when painting. Speaking of which…


It appears the ping/grey/yellow paint scheme of the Ta-Ta Kriel is making a comeback…