After writing Monday’s No Quarter bloggery, I pondered the variety therein further, and I thought about the history of the periodical, and of the games of Warmachine and Hordes themselves. I thought about where we’ve come from since MkI, how the game has flexed and grown and evolved, and how every step of the way Privateer Press has made a point of producing, frankly, some of the schmexiest damn sourcebooks on the market. Beautiful tomes that I’m happy to have lined along my shelving, happily accented by the newest editions, the hardcovers of Warmachine: Prime and Hordes: Primal. We chatted about Prime last week, but today as I shelter from the humidity on my comfy red couch with my daughter’s butterfly comforter that she insists on wrapping herself in regardless of the heat…Primal_10
Primal_12… it occurs to me that Primal is much more than just an updated ruleset and a bunch of model entries. Yes, there’s everything you need to know to play Hordes, complete with additional rules so you at least know the basics of what’s going on with a Warmachine opponent. Yes, there’s a reminder to MARK YOUR DANG ARCS, PEOPLE. Yes, there’s the history of the assorted factions – though less fluff, given that we have Skull Island as an avenue for fiction, and Wrath of the Dragonfather (yes, that’s a link) to bridge the gap from MkII to MkIII, but can we take a moment and just admire how damn pretty Primal is as a sourcebook?

Art director Mike Vaillancourt waved his magic hands all over the place with this one, and Privateer’s team of talented coloursmiths pumped out a bucketload of new art for this volume. You can see pics from the development of some of the pieces in No Quarter 67, but today I just wanted to share some favourites, tease you a little, if you will. I highly recommend that you add this tome to your collection, if you haven’t already. Aside from its value as a rules reference and study point for opposing factions, the chance to immerse yourself in the wilds of the Iron Kingdoms through evocative art is right there… take it.


And you thought Stoneshapers were badass before…


The Cold Miser! Okay, it’s the Northkin Shaman, but I bet he gets extra work at Christmas…


Tanith’s backstory has her being trained as a relentless killing machine. She is the Winter Solder?


He’s posing for a deodorant ad, I’m sure of it…


Here kitty, kitty, kitty…


Sunset walks through the glade have gotten deadlier since my feckless youth


I love how there’s grace in the Forsaken’s movement, despite it being an abomination…


Speaking of monstrosities, I think Thagrosh left his burrito in the microwave too long.



What’s your favourite piece of Primal art?