Then & Now: Fatso’s Chaingang

lonelymonkavDominar Rasheth – Fatso – was my first Theme list project in the summer of 2010. I liked Rasheth as soon as I saw the FoH Skorne book. Initially he got a lot of negative press, but after some prominent Skorne players won with him, he and his MkII theme force showed up regularly on tournament tables.

The theme required 3 Titans, 2 Agonizers, 1 minion unit, and a Paingiver Taskmaster. You got cheaper Titans, Fury on the Agonizers and a bonus move on a Minion unit.

2010-10-05_07-08-34_722Now in Mk III< Dominar Rasheth has minor changes in his Stat line. His MAT has increased by 2, for reasons unknown. Dark Ritual is friendly faction and does magic damage now. Impervious Flesh got better, now -1 die on any damage roll rather than being limited to Ranged Attacks. He still has three well trained Agonizers that never let him get knocked down.

His Spell list looks pretty much the same:

  • Blood Mark is the same.
  • Breath of Corruption is the same.
  • Carnivore is the same.
  • Castigate now stops Animus from being forced and stops spell channeling.
  • Influence now costs 2 Fury.
  • Sunder Spirit is the same.

Feat: Plague Wind – This is better. First, it effects all enemy models, whereas it used to be only Living. With a -2 STR, DEF & ARM, it still protects your army for melee, and makes a large part of the board a killing field. It still heals damage on Fatso when a living model is destroyed.

Overall, he has maintained the same play style. His Feat & Blood Mark give a target – 4 ARM and Carnivore will make almost any unit rip that target to shreds.

th_2010-10-18_22-40-08_551Agonizer – One target of a huge change. Gone is the 8 HP fury battery Solo, now we have a 13 HP Lesser Warbeast.  STR, DEF and ARM dropped, but he gained a melee attack, good luck with that one. The Animus is Repulsion. For 2 Fury push enemy models 3″ away. He has three agonies, each cost 1 fury and you can use one per turn.

  • Gnawing Pain – 2 STR in an 8″ circle.
  • Maddening – Enemy Warbeasts gain 1 Fury in a 6″ circle.
  • Spiritual Affliction –  Living models can’t cast spells in an 8″ circle.

At 7 Pt, this little screamer will get a lot of use. He used to be a steal at 2 pt. Yes, he costs more, but he is such a little toolbox and won’t most casters love Repulsion in their spell list?

Bronzeback Titan – Early in the Mk3 release news we heard that Titans would lose some DEF, and also lost a point of Fury. His Animus still gives him beatback; Now Beatback is basic attacks and you must advance directly toward whatever you pushed. He lost Hyper Aggressive, so he can’t be pulled out of position be a single ranged attack. His leadership now removes a one fury from titan in his command range. Hard Headed, Counter Charge and Chain Attack got Mk3 wording without significant changes. He is theoretically cheaper at 18 pts. Yes, he is easier to hit. Yes, he has one less attack due to a fury loss, but he is still a huge beat stick you can buff into a big angry pachyderm.

Chaingang 001

Titan Gladiator –  No surprises, lost DEF and lost some CMD. Animus, attacks and the back of the card are a cookie cutter version of MK2. He is a solid choice at 14 Pts and a little cheaper than he was in Mk2.

Titan Cannoneer – I always tried to use this little lady. I think she got some love and will be used more often in Mk3. Like all the Titans, she lost some DEF, CMD and Fury but gained a little MAT & ARM. Her Cannon is now AoE 4. Her Animus, Far Strike was a bigger surprise. So for 3 Fury I have a Boosted Attack & Damage on a RNG 16″ POW 15 Cannon. Yes, that fills her on fury, but Beast Handlers, the Bronzeback and some Casters have ways to fix that problem. I’m happy to see her at 17 pts.

Titan Sentry – He was solid in Mk2. He lost DEF & CMD. Gained MAT and a POW on his shield. He has a new Animus, Ornery. It gives him one basic attack against a model that hits him. Brace for Impact is simpler, he can’t be moved by a slam. Cheaper than the Cannoneer with an Animus that some casters will enjoy.

Basilisk Krea – Her ranged attack is still nasty and her Animus – Force Aura – is Self within 3″ of the model, granting Force Barrier , +2 DEF vs Range and immunity to blast damage. Fatso can use +2 DEF, and now blast damage immunity.

Basilisk Drake – He lost ARM and CMD. His Spray and Animus (get some bushwhack) didn’t change. He was and still is useful.

He now has one theme list solo …

Paingiver Task Master  – Minion Unit boss. I’m surprised it wasn’t a Unit Attachment like the Cephalyx Dominator. She lost a little bit of CMD. No more Anatomical Precision, but her minions can’t be knocked in here CMD range. They are tough while within 3″.  She has a * Action that can give them +2 STR within 3″. Her Man Catcher still has -2 DEF. Gotta love the Skorne Lady Solos….

The only unit I ever used with PGTM was a Gatorman Posse.

Posse 01

Gatormen Posse –  They used to be the best Infantry in Skorne, Circle, etc… Well, Legion didn’t want any Infantry did they? They lost a point of MAT and CMD. You might have heard, 5 HP now with tough. They lost Blood Thirsty (kind of) and kept Unyielding. They Still have three Prayers…

  • Dirge of Mists – They gain Concealment.
  • Offerings to Kossk – ReRoll attacks vs Living.
  • Predator’s Prayer – Blood Thirst – +2″ movement while charging a living model.

These guys seem well priced, with a Charge bonus, Attack Roll bonus and Concealment for the prayer. A great toolbox. Add in the Task Master for +2 STR and some knockdown protection. I will take them again and again.

Mk3 009

Paingiver Beast Handlers didn’t see a stat line change. Anatomical Precision and Inflict Pain remain the same.  The special actions used to be one per turn, now you can do as many as you want. Condition is now one fury. Enrage is +2 STR (no free charge etc). If you think about it, the free charge was like free fury, medicate is B2B for D3 HP. Still a very useful unit, I like being able to use all 3 actions on one beast. I can use three models and do all of these actions on one model. People are already talking about using a full unit to healing a Mammoth 6d3 a turn.

The last time I played this list, I took the new Skorne unit I had painted. Slingers got a +1 DEF in Mk3, nice surprise. The back of the card has Arcing Fire, no surprise. Then three attack types.

  • Acid Bath – Direct hit give 3″ AoE with Continuous Corrosion!
  • Erosion – Addition die of damage vs Constructs. Jack, Stump & Trees can suck it…
  • Flare – model hit lose stealth and -2 DEF

The RAT and POW of these guys has not changed, but with these choices I can see more uses. I will still use one of them as a back shot target for Acid Bath. What good Skorne commander doesn’t shoot his own troops in the back!

Chaingang 003Venator Catapult Crew was my last 3 points in my Mk2 list. The Stats lost some CMD. The Catapult got a +1 POW. Keep the grunts within 1″ to keep the Catapult working. Burst Fire still makes it POW 18 vs Large/Huge bases. I played some lists with two of these in Mk2. A 4″ AoE can make you opponent regret it if they don’t spread out.


Dominar Rasheth – WB: +28
– Agonizer – PC: 0
– Agonizer – PC: 0
– Titan Gladiator – PC: 0
– Bronzeback Titan – PC: 18
– Titan Sentry – PC: 15

Paingiver Task Master – PC: 3

Gatorman Posse – Leader & 4 Grunts: 18

Venator Slingers – Leader & 9 Grunts: 13

Paingiver Beast Handlers – Leader & 5 Grunts: 7


I have not tried this yet, but I will. Two Agonizers, three Titans and two units. Paingivers for support. No Tier bonuses, but no tears….  This theme list still will live on in style of play that feels familiar.

It does feel like Mk3 gives a list with a little bit less in it.

Yes, I will play this and report on it.

Till next time

Just do it…

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  1. Please consider trying out Farrow Brigands (w/ Warlord) with Fatty. His feat and armor debuff + prey equal out to rat 9, pow 18 shooting against their chosen target on feat turn. Rat 7, pow 16 against anything else on feat turn.