None asked, none given… No Quarter

There are those days when you sit on your couch and sigh and you brush cheeto dust off your fingers and you just with something would happen to alleviate the malaise of your humdrum reality. Suddenly, a clatter. The sound sound of the mailbox! Yon postal delivery person has brought you something! Is it a coupon for pizza? Is it a reminder that you forgot to pay your local scrivener? Perhaps a letter from a sweetheart long forgotten? No! It’s the newest issue of No Quarter ! Oh, such a frabjous day!


It’s been fun watching No Quarter evolve over the last several years. I’ve had the pleasure of watchinf the periodical mature through several different editors, most recently of course No Quarter has been flourishing under the guidance of Lyle Lowery, he who trounced me with Khadoran shenanigans at Templecon all those years ago, darn him all to heck. We’ve seen the magazine grow and evolve as Privateer Press themselves have grown, into so much more than just a tabletop miniatures game, from the IKRPG to High Command to board games like Undercity (and soon, Widowers Wood) the world of the Iron Kingdoms has grown and flourished, and the corners are being fleshed out by teams of writers, veterans and (comparatively) new, thanks to Skull Island and No Quarter.

No Quarter 67 has so much reading material for the fluffbunnies, they’re going to be… well, even fluffier. Gavyn Kyle files on Major Elizabeth Maddox (filthy Cygnaran…), an excerpt from Tales of the Invisible Hand, teasers from upcoming Skull Island books (Hello, Flashpoint), Courage at the Crossroads tying in to the new narrative league, a little Searforge action with Peace Of Mind (proving Aeryn Rudels omnipresence), and bleeding over into the RPG, part one of a new series dealing with pirates in the Iron Kingdoms, just in case you were really feeling the urge to wear an armoured diving suit.


Community development and involvement continues unabashed – UNABASHED I SAY! – with community spotlights, news from the front, and in this issue, enough beautifully painted models to make me feel a little inadequate… prize winning models from Smogcon provide sterling examples of what our friends in the UK can do with a paintbrush, and of course we get to dovetail from there into other arts and modelling articles such as the artist studio article on designing Maddox, Xekaar and the FULLY FLEDGED WARKLOCK FYANNA THE LASH, MIchael Archer’s Trollblood fortress table, Adam Oligshlaegar’s terrain workshop…

… and for those of you who remembered that there’s an actual game behind all this, we have a battle report and a historical scenario from  Blood of Kings, and then there’s this…


The second theme force for MkIII Warmachine, and it’s mercs for days, with a splash of Cygnar.

Long story short, NQ67 is full of good things. You should read it. With your eyes.

… has anyone figured out what’s going on with Juggernaut’s Journey yet?