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Hey! It was the First of July a few days ago! Silly holidays, interfering with my posting schedule. Let’s get back on track with a new Paint The Target. June’s Target got right to the core of what this series is all about : Painting our way through our Silver (or Grey) Mountains. All of those models that we’ve collected over time, and just never managed to find time to paint. This entire thing is supposed to help motivate you to keep working on your pile, so for June I asked you,  my dear Losties, to paint models that you’ve owned for more than 6 months, and just… never finished. Let’s see what you threw at me, shall we?


I wanted to start with FifthColumn’s reposed Kara Sloan, not only because I like the paint scheme but because I also appreciate the repose. Less dead seagulls when you aim your rifle at the enemy rather than a passing cumulo nimbus.


Big_D droped Dozer and Smig on us. Not only did they steal a Khadoran Bombard, they stole a bunch of plates from the rest of the warjack too!


Dicewraith’s Night Troll shows some beautiful contrast, something I always enjoy on a model before it lures me in and eats me.


Dieson’s learning why you shouldn’t set your oil-soaked Ragman’s on fire.


Dr Q brings Super Dungeon Explore back with the Star Guild Sapper!


Someone stole KevBryant’s hat and unchained him! Oh wait, it’s just Bloody Bradigan…


Lonelymonk’s Totem Hunter wants to know who the heck are you.


Welcome back, Metsuri! Happy to have your Hakaar in the gallery!


MrChom – you guys remember him, right? – used an old metal Nomad to make his Rocinante!


Okay, so Metsuri’s from Finland… MrChom’s in the UK… continuing the European run (KevBryant doesn’t count, he’s universal) we have Ozzy from Germany showing off his Cutter! That’s a might fine TAG…


Ranny128 assembled Exulon Thexus and then – AND THEN! – painted him too! Awe…


Having recently read Blood of Kings, is it any wonder Shadowsword751 was inspired to paint Vinter Raelthorne?


Strigiform totally isn’t pandering to my inner Menite by painting a Dervish, no sir…


Treville2001 DEFINITELY isn’t pandering to my inner Menite by painting a Greylord Escort…


I think pRophaniti1978’s efforts do count as pandering, but I kinda like it, so… 😉


It’s summer, so I put everyone’s name on a target and then spat watermelon seeds at it until one of them stuck. .This month’s participation prize goes to: MRCHOM!!! I will send him some of the things and a bit of the stuff. Send me that mailing address!


CHANGE OF PACE! Break out of your comfort zones, kids. Whatever you’ve been painting lately, paint something different. You’ve been painting Cygnar? Paint some Menoth! You’ve been painting Warmachine? Paint some Malifaux! You’ve been painting busts? Paint something chibi! Whether it’s a change in model type, in-game faction, or entire game, give yourself a breather this month and paint something from a game line, faction or what have you, that you haven’t been painting lately. Refresh your palate, and show me what you got, kid.

Send in your pics of newly painted shinies to by Noon EST, July 28th. Deadline is deadline, people. Once more, one random participant will receive a little somethin’ somethin’ in the mail. You want somethin’? You gotta submit! Don’t forget to include your online handle! Oh, and if you can make the pics attachments to the emails rather than inline, that’d help me on the formatting end.

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  1. Avatar pRophaniti1978
    pRophaniti1978 says:

    Good set of entries. MrChom’s Rocinante is cool and I really like the Vinter too. I should be able to rustle something up for this month’s challenge. Getting it painted on time is a different matter though!