Unboxing the Mk III Trollbloods Battlebox

Do you have any idea how hard it was to put Pokemon Go down long enough to write this? Who am I kidding, of courseyou know. You’re probably trying to catch a Pidgey right now. Nevertheless, I finally got my hands on some Battleboxes, so it’s time to open ’em up and take a gander at all the things therein! We’re going to start with the Trollbloods battlegroup. I’ve always had a soft spot for this one, even before they changed it up for MkIII. I’ve loved the idea that Trollbloods didn’t so much have three light’s, so much as they had three medium warbeasts. Let’s face it, the Axer’s never been that much of a lightweight…



You get a lot more in the new battleboxes than you did in the MkII versions. Before? A quickstart sheet, your models, your cards. Now? Let’s look through the inventory.


You get a Rules Digest, akin to the mini rulebooks that we got in the MkII 2-player starters. This is a complete rulebook, all the same rules you get in the full hardcover rulebooks, just without the model entries. Then there’s your faction introductory guide – 20ish pages of fiction, tactics, expansion suggestions and painting guide. Invaluable for someone new to a faction.


You get a full battle mat to learn the game on, and a basic training guide that I’m going to take a moment with…


As good as the Quickstart rules were in the MkII battlebox, this thing leaves them in the dust when it comes to teaching someone how to play Warmachine & Hordes without the benefit of an experienced player. The step-by-step scenarios slowly introduce each new element of the game, starting with Movement and working through each stage one at a time, with ranged combat, concealment/cover. charging, etc each having their own mission.


There’s even generic warlocks and warcasters to help with developing an understanding of the basics before adding a faction’s personal flavour. As a PG, I love this document for helping new players learn the game.


Spell tokens and focus tokens! There’s the  very edge of a ruler there as well…


Last of the non-model components, your cards, including one to fold into a wall template. I’m having Gorten Grundback battlebox flashbacks…


Ragnor’s a handsome hunk of Trollblood, and somes in an impressive 9 pieces.


Front and back, Ragnor’s asweet sculpt. As you can see fro, the burr on the back of the neck, these are uncleaned pieces. Very little cleanup required.


Each of the hips gets armour padding, and his head pops on the neck neatly even if the camera wasn’t properly focused.


From behind, the cape covers his butt and he’s brought some light reading in his backpack.


And then there’s that dirty great maul. You’ll notice the shaped socket on the underside of the clenched fist, to receive the haft of the weapon.


Yeah, kinda like that 🙂


The warbeasts are the familiar plastic sculpes we already know and love – same torso and legs, with the Impaler having leather strips for his loin armour rather than spiked studs like the Axer and Bouncer.


Pick a head, any head! Mixing and matching is fun.


I still love that dirty great axe.


If I recall correctly, the Ta-Ta Kriel’s Impaler was named Neil…


Paint The Target regular E2LIO2TR has been ranking through the battleboxes, and shared this Team Valor battlegroup with us.


Meanwhile John Murray’s bold palate is neat, clean, and distinct on the tabletop. I love being able to show different colour schemes from the studio one – interpret your models, have fun with colour!


And to round it out, a quick word on the faction deck. One, it’s a really thickpile of cards.


Two, they’re sorted alphabetically.


Three, there’s enough for two of every generic warbeast. Night Trolls…

Between the battlebox and the deck,