Dragon Forge asks: Got Wood?

Lost Hemisphere is a labour of love. Always has been, since the very beginning. We here at Lost Hemisphere appreciate the support of our sponsors, and so when they tell us they’re doing something cool we like to share the nifty, so that you can, should you choose, support those who support us. Lost sponsor Dragon Forge Design was our very first sponsor, and has had our back since day one. Spearheaded by Golden Demon Award winner Jeff Wilhelm, Dragon Forge’s resin bases and accessories have consistently been among the very best in the industry in terms of quality and, as far as I’m concerned, design. Balancing artistic design with practical tabletop application, Dragon Forge’s bases accent – rather than overshadow – your miniatures, providing a measure of consistency throughout the disparate aspects of your army… and now they want to swing some lumber your way with a new kickstarter.


With twenty-three (23!) different round-lipped base series currently available, and that’s not including the Lost Hemisphere Logo base where you can totally base your entire army on LH Astrolabes, it may seem a little surprising that Dragon Forge doesn’t already have a series based on wooden planking, but heck, I think that’s just testimony to the variety that’s already available.

oakk1Now, when it comes to wood planking you’ve got a lot of options for interpretation, though the most common would be dockworks, ship decking, and/or things like tavern interiors. Jeff has helpfully provided bases that can be utilized for any of these purposes, such as the 50mm base to the right here, with a cannonball lodged in the flooring.

Other bases in the kickstarter include industrial screws and metal gratings, and throughout you’ll find planking nailed down to stop it creaking as you sneak down the corridor of the tavern in your ninja pajamas to surprise the party of adventurers that came in last night and asked one too many questions about the local Daimyo.

In terms of pledge levels there’s the smaller, token support levels (which may earn you a cool Dragon Forge sticker to slap on your bumper), but the points you want to aim for are the $50 and $100 tiers. These bases will be released through Dragon Forge’s store once the Kickstarter has fulfilled in Q1 2017, but your investment gets you resin planking at a discounted cost, and at the $50 level and up you’ll also receive all freebies unlocked through the kickstarter, such as the Small Crates set, perfect for building into scenery or adding a little height to the bases if you really want to have your Scrutator standing on a soapbox.


I should probably note that the Kickstarter has already funded… it did so within 24 hours. This is not Dragon Forge’s first Kickstarter rodeo; with multiple successful projects already completed, Jeff is dedicated to providing you with the niftiest bases and the best value for money on the market. I won’t even go into how easy his bases are to paint, or how much better it feels to have a little weight on the bottom of those light plastic models, or how much more stable resin-based models can be with the lower center of gravity… anyone who has used Dragon Forge Design bases in the past can espouse the benefits of the niftiness. It’s simply a matter of you realizing that your buccaneers will look super sweet treading the boards.


You can click any of the pics in this article to be taken to the Kickstarter project, and get in at the ground level with the latest base series from Dragon Forge Design. Seems legit to me! (*rubber stamp*)