GenCon 2016 Photodump #1

And now, the freaking monumental task of sorting through all of the GenCon pics and splitting them up into thematic photodumps! It’s entirely possible I’ll give up part way and just have a massive collumn of photos with no commentary, or possibly even with whatever happens when my sleeping face rolls over on the keyboard… I MAKE NO PROMISES!

In the meantime, pics from GenCon 2016: The Random stuff! You’ll get the Cosplayers and Games in the next two photodumps.

It all started at Ninja Steve’s place, where the Admiral (otherwise known as Mrs Ninja Steve) presented me with two awesome gifts – a notebook bearing my SCA device, and a water bottle with the LH Astrolabe! Wot wot!

And the first game sighted of the convention is Andor, as this fine gentleman examines components and reads over rules mechanics.

Ninja Steve was *way* more awake than I was that morning…

Some of these people were clearly walking the wrong way. I have no idea what’s wrong with them. FOOLS!

We encountered a dragonling as we made our way to the vendor hall.

And then we were just two more bodies in the milling throng. That’s a good word. Throng. Throng throng throng.

Once they let us in we continued to throng, with many pushing for the USAopoly booth, with one goal in mind…

… getting their hands on the Harry Potter Deckbuilder. There were *very* few copies available – 200 for the entire convention – so you as can imagine, I didn’t get one…

But I did see Ross! Hi Ross! Look at you with a collared shirt, pretending to be all dressed up…


As the crowd moved past the USAopoly booth and started to disperse, other game companies came into view.

Okay, now there were at least five or six *different* Princess Bride themed games. but none of them were positioned in front of this poster, just to confuse me 😉

Wyrd brought out their Teddy for everyone to play with…

By the liiiiiight of the ebony PrivateerPressCeilingHangyThiiiiiiiing….


The usual suspects. Hungerford, Schoonover and Konicheck. The Good, Bald and the Skinny.

Mr Swinkels, my new liaison, was kind enough to let me roam without an ankle bracelet.

Those sods went and put a pin in every box, forcing me to buy them all. FORCING ME.

Wendy Vermeer, folks!

I may or may not have scanned this display several times looking for pins I had misssed…

AbracaDallas, people!

Oh, and he may have been masterfully slapping paint on Una2

That moment when you’re trying to take a pic of a beautifully painted Hoarluk3 and all the camera wants to do is love Dallas…

Matt Goetz and I had a wonderful chat about his work on the IKRPG books, Ninja Steve was chuffed to be there too, and some random guy in the background couldn’t decide if he was willing to commit to his receding hairline yet or not. Bald is beautiful, my brother! Embrace your follically challenged state!

Ninja Steve made a friend. They’re going drinking next weekend.


Irange robotty thing is orange and robotty

It’s the Necromancer Lord! Smash Up is awesome game times…

A cautionary tale to all GenCon attendees to shower and use deodorant, lest their stanky armpits overwhelm their senses.


GenCon wouldn’t be GenCon without a pile of things you can buy and then be worried about them breaking in  your bag as y ou wander the con floor for the next several hours.

I’ve never played Shadows Over Brimstone, but this was an awesome Wild West table.

You too can use blue rubbery things to make stunning creations!

Mythological creatures are that much more intimidating with enormous eyes.

… tiny K-9. I’m dead.

Over by the Ninja Division booth I found most of Drew’s head. He was delicious.

On the other side of the booth, alien invaders were swarming. So was Tamwulf.

And then we met a gaming celebrity – Bebo!

Lonelymonk had been let out of his cage to demo Dark Deeds

Games & Gears’ exclusively licensed miniature is tres pretty… and came with dice!

One of the big releases was Star Trek: Ascendancy. Yes, I picked it up. Yes, there will be an unboxing at some point.

Guild Ball also put in a bloody strong showing with demos, tournaments, and other shenaniganry

Jamie didn’t remember how solidly he’d trounced me when we played at Warmachine Weekend. Ben didn’t believe it either. Ninja Steve was mere moments away from biting them both and turning them into Were-Steves.

Privateer Quartermaster James teased me with a pretty pic I wasn’t allowed to abscond with.

Iron Arena prizes included sweet art prints…

Chuck and I were clearly separated at birth. Tom continues to be a growth on my shoulder. Ninja Steve is stealthy.

You ain’t played King of Tokyo until you’ve played Floor King of Tokyo.

Cardhalla celebrates its 18th year of charity fundraising

Killian and Nicole! Note that lovely Lost Hemisphere pin on Nicole’s lanyard. She’s one of the good ones.

Shoshie Bauer, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I found her lurking around the paint-and-take area. I’m not sure she really needs more miniatures…

Of course, Speed Painting makes it much more interesting.

The Pathfinder Society gathered once more. Honestly, it may just be my old man hearing, but I have no idea how they can RPG with such a significant background hubbub as literally hundreds of players simultaneously stab goblins and the like.

This dude was lurking in Upper Deck’s competitive area. More on that later.

Malfaux’s competition tables continue to be some of the most eerily thematic.

The broken carousel made my childhood sad.

But then there were people getting excited about boats!

And Star Wars Chess!

Infinity’s tables continue to be a dizzying array of obstacles and colours

… much like Pokemon’s banner wall.

It somewhat boggles my mind that you can buy sharp, bladed implements in the middle of a packed convention center. There’s simply not enough room for a test swing without injuring someone.

Blood & Plunder’s ocean board was stunning…

Arena  Rex takes its dice rolling seriously. No fear of them flying off of the table here!

Yes, there was a stepladder…


Because your nerdery needs to be illuminated…

More Infinity terrain, though this time more for display than for playing.

Operation Red Veil!

What is this madness? A Dwarven drinking game??


It was super exciting to see Ninja All Stars in the wild.

John Cadice may or may not have thought so. Either that or someone grabbed his butt… and neither of my hands are in the shot… dammit.

He actively tried to convince me that Clan Ijin was better than Clan Yamazaru. The fool!

No, I can’t explain this one. At all.

Elsewhere, Ross continued to pretend he knew what he was doing.

The X-Com board game’s integration of board gaming and tablet seems to have become a thing.

Now Mansions of Madness is also App-compatible.

So this guy and I quite literally haven’t seen each other since 1991. In Australia. And now he has jedi kids. Life is weird.

I also found Pat, with whom it was good to catch up.


Um… Katrina, this may be relevant to your interests…

The Porkchop Express was on hand to help promote the newest game in the Legendary series. I here there’s a large amount of disharmony in diminutive China.

Hello. My name is George Clinton. Prepare to be funk’d.

More Princess Bride gamery. Making the most of the licensing!

I know you flip the pieces over as you play… not sure what happens if you flip that guy over.

I was highly entertained that the Australia and Canada books were side by side.

Food trucks serviced the masses


The $80  firefly mat in use…

Of all the games that were play on this scale, Pompeii had me most concerned, but didn’t look like the volcano was actually loaded with baking soda and vinegar, so I breathed a sigh of relief.

Road trip, anyone?

I have no idea… something about cats and fish.

… and then there were carrots, and rabbits tied to the railway track…

The competitition Settlers of Catan table we all want.

Space Catan! Stride between planets!

Basement rug, anyone?

Catans across America…

Yes, these lads are playing the My Little Pony card game on a competitive level. I’m a little sad Gdaygirl never got into it.

I found a Flauta! Or did he find me? #Mysterious

We played Klask. It was silly and fun. Magnets – how do they work?

Ladies and Gentlelost,  Polyhedron Cosplay Unmaskes!

At the Tilted Kilt, shenanigans were about to ensue…

As the Paladin of Highbottle, I was determined to represent my kingdom with honour.

Oh,the things I’ll do for a promo card…

Day One’s shopping…

Day Two started with another visit to the gaming hall, where hats and footwear meet in stylish fashion.

Chris Suhre paints pretty things… that’s the next photodump!

I met Drew again, but this time we were both so pretty!

Modiphius Games seem intent on selling us Mutant Chronicles, when what we really want to know about is the upcoming Star Trek RPG… what? We recorded an interview with Chris Birch about that? I better edit that together once I’m done with photos…

“Hey, Joyce! Guess who’s behind you!”
“Oh no, it’s my accountant wanting more tax receipts!”

“Ah, it’s just Deke from Ninja Division. We *like* him!”

Chris Birch from Modiphius never did explain the Tintin haircut…

Will Hungerford insisted on wearing my blue balls around his neck.

… he smelled like cherry blossoms.

And now we play “Who farted?”


She was cosplaying Amon. Accordingly, as a Kicky Monk, she’s my boss.

Doug Hamilton makes cool sculpts, and weird faces.

Malifaux had some sweet posters. On a bed of nails, she makes me wait.

We played some of the new Archer version of Love Letter.

There was boffing involved.

I like jigsaws! Wait…

Cosplayers sans costumes! But they had matching hats, so that counds for something. You’ll see them in costume in the next photodump.

This came so damn close to coming home with me…

Craig continued promoting dark and nefarious deeds…


#1 Pigeon, that’s who

“You are the wind beneath my wings”

When you meet an author like Miles Holmes, sometimes all you can do is drunkenly lean on his shoulder.

Day two’s shopping was a little more sedate.

This hat was both too small, and too expensive.

Ninja Steve and I continued our practice of demoing a game together.

He may not agree to do it next year. Yes, that’s seven dice, six of them rolling 6’s.

I swear, Polyhedron were following me around…

Getting to see the Guild Ball paint range first hand was neat too.

Day three’s shopping included some Pokemans as souvenirs for the Gdaykids.

That night, King of New York was won by the Admiral. She’s a shark with them dice, I tells ya.

She also won Dark Deeds, so I’m not sure what that tells you…

And it all ended with a road trip and a milkshake. Next? GenCon Cosplay pics!

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