GenCon 2016 Photodump #2 – Cosplay

GenCon Photodump #2: People in silly costumes! And a couple of large scale props…

One of the major highlights of a convention of this sort is seeing people take their geekery to the next level and cosplay. Donning the garb of your favourite characters is a lot of fun, and it blows my mind the art and craft that goes into making some of these outfits. Cheers to everyone who dons garish garb as they into the crowd to show off not only their amazing skills in costuming, but also their love of the industry.

Can we just admit that this guy is one of the real heroes of cosplay?

Mystery Men! They’re Number 1! All others are Number 2 or lower! #Wait #BadMath

Ninja Steve met the Ember Mage, played by @StellaChuuuuu (that’s her tweeterz handle)

What, you thought I’d let Ninja Steve have all the fun?

The Ember Mage is joined by Princess Ruby (@Missyeru) and the Riftling Rogue (@VegasPG)

The Riftling Rogue determined that Ninja Steve’s lanyard was delicious.

I found that by holding her hand I was able to ensure the safety of my own lanyard.

Doctor Strange and Clea!

Rey had a Baby-8 🙂 The family that cosplays together…

Jedi abounded

Steampunk victoriana isn’t hugely uncommon, but it was lovely to see it in soft pink.

Doctor Mrs The Monarch and pals!

Teen Titans! Nightwing wasn’t keen on paying attention.

Some days you just can’t get rid of a bloke.

Lug Returns! While it’s a bummer Marie-Claude couldn’t be there this year, it was neat to see her handiwork again.

Sibling rivalry between Jedi can result in limb loss

Tanith the Feralsong!

I’m not sure what this is based on, but heck, steampunky!

I want to say they were a Vaporeon and a Flareon, but I  may just be revealing my ignorance of some elemental-themed characters.

Littlefinger wants his street meat


Light-up eyes instantly make Batman cooler.

Powerpuff girls!

Oh crap, who let him in the room…

As fun as my costume was, I was *instantly* outclassed by Kreoss. Then again, I’m only a solo, he’s a warcaster…

Klingons performing Star Wars tunes…

The designated cosplay zone made it easier for traffic. As a cosplayer you could just hang out behind the tape for people to come and take photos with you.

Tale as old as time…

Star Wars totally needs blue tunics.

ZOMG! I FOUND THEM ALL TOGETHER! A Menite Warcaster triumvirate!

Kreoss, the Testament of Menoth, Amon Ad Raza, and some bald guy.

Power Man and Iron Fist shopping for chibi ninjas. Also VegasPG’s butt, apparently.

Super sweet Ant-Man!

Misty Knight!

G-Force/Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets!

And then you could buy things from Kender…

Finally, one of my favourite characters from Marvel’s stable, Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel. An awesome way to round out the cosplay. Of course, there were literally hundreds of other cosplayers at GenCon, but I was too busy spending money to get pics of them all. We’ll try for more next year!

Wednesday we’ll post the final GenCon photodump, full of pics of games and miniatures and the like. Whoo!