GenCon 2016 Photodump #3

Alright, at this point you’ve endured three photodumps so far – Pennsic, GenCon (assorted stuff) and GenCon (Cosplayers and peeps). Now let’s look at some games and some of the displays, including shots taken from the painting competitions – well, the models that were in the cabinets when I walked by. I will make a note here, I was exceedingly disappointed by Wyrd Miniatures and their miniature display. Their booth was large and spacious and well appointed and well stocked and… the miniature displays they had on the walls of their booth were unlit, and with a black background pretty much ensured that anyone trying to take pics of the models on display ended up with a photo of their own reflection and not much beyond that. Bah. Finding an entire hall of VS System players cheered me up though, including giant standee of Jennifer Walters.

She-Hulk Smash! Breaking the fourth wall before Deadpool even existed, fighting evil with her brain as well as her brawn, the sassy lawyer has long been one of my favourite comic book characters.

Foam stabby things. You know, for stabbing.

The Robotech game may have hacked some flack from the kickstarter, and Lord knows the models come in a bajillion pieces, but…

They’re still very pretty…

Over in the Privateer Press booth, I’m reasonably sure this fight ended well for the Daughters of the Flame.

Chris Suhre showed us how much fun can be had when  you use Trolls from as many different kits and units etx as you can find.

I feel like Yuri’s stepped out of a David Bowie video clip… and Calandra’s a Juggalette

Look out, Moros! He’s behind you!

Extreme Karchev, because heck yes.

Skarre Ravenmane, the overall winner.

Don’t boar me, son…

I’m not the only one a little creeped out, right?

Some subtle conversions and groovy lighting make for an eerie battlegroup.

Smash MkII!

I’m not sure that dock goes anywhere…

Elsewhere, I may have indulged a little and picked up a new hardcover

He’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse…

Vera, the oversized playmat with room for all of the Firefly expansions.

Over at Hawk Wargames, we got to see the new models for Dropfleet Commander

Still the prettiest faction…

… I’m having visions of the Annihilation Wave.

One game I wish I’d found time to demo, if only to find out how the ship components worked!

I did add this to my Love Letter collection…

Over at the painting competition, our collective childhoods are under attack by creepy bears

Surf Lion was the coolest cat on the  beach

I don’t know if it was the palette or the freehand, but I just really liked this piece.

… ew… which, I would think was the intended reaction so… well done!

Busting out all over the place…

Zaal2 showed up as well, one of the few Privateer models I saw in the cabinet this year. That may, of course, have been  due to Privateer holding their own painting competition and hogging all the shinies 😉

I think The Force Awakens might have gone differently if this fellow found BB-8 before Rey did…

Dammit, Frank, I just tidied that floor!

Somewhere there’s a school of adorable kids not being terrorized

Beauty is in the eye of the… oh, you know.

I really can’t describe just how much I plotzed when I saw that the basing was a freaking astrolabe!

It’s 2016! Where are our hoverboards, and eldritch tentacle horrors?

The Angels have the phone box

Kingdom Death models remain some of the prettiest ones out there… more on that later.

They’re so tiny… they’re Minitaurs!

Ah, Infinity models, with your tiny head antennae…

Over in the gaming hall, WARMACHINE AND HORDES!!! I didn’t spend a lot of time over here, but it was neat to see faces of peeps I love, and faces of peeps I don’t know from a bar of soap but who were having a great time.

Pretty Convergence will always triumph over unpainted Skorne!

Back in the vendor hall, and Kingdom Death models again… the Dung Beetle Knight. The simple fact that this thing even exists, that some designer thought “What it we themed a model after a dung beetle?”, makes me so happy…

I’m not sure that white lion is an official Kingdom Death Model…

Arena Rex! Another company producing super nifty models for an excellent game with a low entry level model count 🙂

Infinity models continue to be nifty too.

“Boss! Boss! We’re out of creamer!”
“… someone’s gonna commit seppuku over this!”

Yashima! I know that’s what it’s called because there was a label. The models were pretty. That’s all I know.

Ninja Division’s showcase was dominated by Ninja All Stars models. I have no problem with this.

The Ika Madoushi’s hat octopus looks mildly startled.

One neat thing to see was the Shrine Maidens, from an upcoming Ninja All Stars offering!

And of course, we’re all waiting for space cowboys with Rail Raiders Infinite.

Super Dungeon Explore was not forgotten. Who put the helmet on that toad?

I… I don’t know what the story is with the homicidal bunny girls.

Skullbats still make me smile 🙂

For someone named “The Forgotten King”, you’d think his name would be hard to remember.

I still need to paint my Wyrm Claw Templar…

One neat surprise was a bunch of models from the upcoming Super Dungeon Legends! Lightning Mage!

Evil elf knight comes in the night for your cookies.

There’s a spider spitting a web. We all know which end of the spider web comes from. That’s disgusting… I love this spawn point.

The City Guard, the first “good guy” bad guys!

Bro, dost thou even heft?

More nasty elves and friends…

Back at the Privateer  Press booth, some pics of the new Battleboxes and other pending releases!

The Bouncer is clearly concerned he left the kettle on.

I don’t think Buffy is quite prepared for this Hellmouth.

Whip it! Whip it good!


What sort of demo table do you maintain at your FLGS? 😉

Beautiful work on the Trollkin ruins.

Of course, the filthy Cygnarans had to horn in on the action too…

Fine, fine, their building are visually stunning too. Okay? I said it.

He is the very model of a modern major general.

Aiakos’ punching spike thingie may still be one of my favourite weapons on a warcaster in the Iron Kingdoms.

Our little Allison is all grown up now…

Tristan and Elara are both waiting for my paintbrush…

The new Convention Exclusive Skarre kicks back and relaxes with her new toys.

Undercity fan? The Black River Irregulars are coming.

Hey, wasn’t this a video game?

New toys for Imperial Assault fans. Jetpack stormtroopers and a Rancor!

So many Munchkins…

… that they had to go in multiple pics.

Oh look, more Munchkins! Munchkin Shakespeare with an August 2017 release, you say?

So, yeah, Katie Cook’s Munchkin Cthulhu wins the cuteness award.

Moar Floor King of Tokyo!

I bought this. Long term Losties will understand how much it means to me. There’ll be an unboxing later.

I also brought this home. Machismo and drinking!

Deepwars and its companion game Shadowsea have long interested me with their model designs. This year I finally capitulated and picked som eup.

The Beast of Blood Reef, in a world full of the weird, alien and fantastic… is en enormous shark with harpoons sticking out of it. Cooool

Fwoosh! Magic amazons!

Star Trek Ascendancy called out to the geek in me.

I’ve always been more of a Star Wars than a Star Trek guy, but still… so many bits 🙂

Wild West Exodus had a greatly reduced presence this year :/

Over at Steamforged, the Guild Ball folks made me buy a new snake for my Alchemists. Made me, I tell you!

The con-exclusive pre-release of Tater was well received.

Guild Ball mascots can be a little confusing.

Yes, this came home too…

As did this. Dark Deeds has proven a lot of fun. I may have a spare copy here for the LH prize pool…

There were of course many other games sighted and ooh’d and aah’d over, glorious paintwerks and visual delights to boggle the gamer mind… but it’s now been over a week since GenCon, I still haven’t got to the audio interviews, and all I *want* to do is paint something… so I’m done with photos for now. SO MANY UNBOXINGS ON THE WAY!!! There will be game reviews, model showcases, and more… thanks for getting lost with me 🙂