Ragers, Mad Dogs, and Beserkers…

You know what the faction with the heaviest armour in Warmachine needs? Shield Guard. You know, just in case the opposing army tries to chip away and inflict some damage on critical elements before you can thunder your way across the table and apply axe-to-face. Rager? I hardly knew ‘er!

Then there’s the Mad Dog, two punchy fists of trampliciousness that we first saw in the High Command deckbuilder, finally unleashed on the table and ready to sink knuckle-deep into the hull of an opposing warjack as it gouges its way through the enemy lines.


Oh, and they’re in the same kit as the new plastic Berserker too, because multi-kits are awesome.


ALL THE SPRUES! Oh, and some cards, and a highly detailed instruction sheet for the assemblage of all the things.


There are, of course, a couple of shared sprues. These contain the common elements for each of the three potential builds, such as the legs, upper arms, and a whole bunch of spikes. You’ll note, the pieces are neatly numbered to assist.


The carapace, furnace and shoulders are also shared. Note the dual-dimple sockets for the shoulder spikes, helping you keep everything aligned.


PUNCHY SPIKES! The Mad Dog’s sprue is elegant in its simplicity.


One neat thing you’ll see on the Rager’s sprue is that his little stabby gladius has a separate piece of hilt to extend below the hanf that holds it. You’ll see it again in a second on the Berserker’s axes, but I thought it was super cool.


Berserkers get two axes, but only one gets a dangly chain bit. It must have been very well behaved at axe school.


When will you rage?


Painting chores by TheGreatGaspy. You can, of course, paint yours in whatever colour scheme you so choose. May I suggest aubergine? Find your kit at your FLGS or preferred online vendor.