Raise a little Hellmouth

Do we have any pastafarians in the audience? Are there any here who have been touched by his noodly appendage? If we follow standard religious tropes, the heavens are above, and below is the realm where all the naughty people go… so if the Flying Spaghetti Monster is airborne, being, well, flying, then the appropriately named Hellmouth is clearly a beast spawned in the deepest nether realms of pastafarian theology. Also, it has spiky bits. I mean, seriously, this thing would make some of the worst spaghetti bolognere ever. Calamari, now, we might have some potential…


Get familiar with it. Every darn Legion player is going to be fielding at least one, if not two.


When it comes to model assembly, as units go, this one’s a dream. Every component except the central Hellmouth is a single piece, and the Hellmouth itself is a very straightforward two pieces. The entire unit is also, you’ll note, not metal. It’ll weigh less in your carrying cases, and me more resistant to chipping on the tabletop.


The central tentacle – the tonguetacle maybe, since it’s coming directly out of the mouth – has a keyed socked to sit in, surrounded by sharp, pointy teeth.


Bonus points to the first person to paint this up, partially bury it in a sandpit, and then throw Lego Boba Fett’s at it.


Each of the tentacles will have its own little 40mm base where it breaks the surface and then flails around looking for squirmy sweetmeats to toss into the gaping maw. Ooh, another Hellmouth reference, can we paint Allison Jakes up like Buffy and switch her swords for wooden stakes?


Anyone surprised by the fact that TheGreatGaspy jumped all over the chance to paint this clearly doesn’t know him very well. MMmmmmm, unsettlingly tentacley…

Talk to your FLGS. Harangue your preferred online retailer. Get your own, cos this one’s spoken for.