SCA: The Pennsic 2016 Photodump

Ladies and Gentelost, I’m back from vacation, I’ve showered, I’m wearing clean clothes, and I’ve hugged my kids. Okay, granted, I did most of those while I was at GenCon hanging with Ninja Steve & The Admiral, but the vacation started with Pennsic, in Slippery Rock PA, and water pressure wasn’t the highest thing on the priority list. Pennsic is the  biggest event on the the annual calendar for the Society for Creative Anachronism, and at the time of writing I believe there were almost 11,000 Scadians living in tents, hitting each other with sticks, learning skills and knowledge quite literally from millenia ago, and generally having a bloody fantastic time. This year I was only able to attend for a few days (unlike the fortnight I spend there last year, with a GenCon side trip in the middle) and my camera didn’t come out as often, but I do have a bunch of pics to share, with you, sooooo… PENNSIC!


Traffic at the border was a thing, despite it being a Sunday night. Shouldn’t all you people be in your homes sleeping of roast dinners or something??


The drive was a constant battle with condensation, inside the car and out. Fog accompanied me for over half of the journey to Slippery Rock.


Troll – where you register for the event – closes at midnight… I rolled in at 11:30PM…Pennsic2016_04

And immediately threatened my campmates with vegemite. Mjoll was smart enough to read the ingredients… Me, I just enjoyed not being bitten by mosquitoes during my time there.


Monday morning, while we were setting up all the things, we had a visit from one of the locals.


Anya and Mjoll entertained my warnings about cane toad toxins and handled our visitor with care.


“Waiter, there’s a fly in my…”
“… I’m not sure this is an improvement…”


We built a yurt! Granted, Anya and Mjoll did most of it as the experienced yurters of the team, but I helped!


I’m in a yurt, mother… um… folks who are fond of their maternal units?


Mjoll joins the few, the proud, the Losties!


A stroll down the hill revealed a pirate offering a fizzy beverage… I didn’t take it, the bars seemed to suggest that it might have been a trap.


Even though it was only the Monday of week one, with SOOO many more people not coming until the second week for the massive battles, the sea of canvas was glorious to behold.


Who knew Pennsylvania had its own fleet! One of many nautical structures on-site.


House Hedgehog upped the ante this year by adding flames to their camp sign. Its magnificence of course was near impossible to capture with my humble lens.


One of the joys of Pennsic is meeting neighbours from all over the world. Note the careful placement of tents, so as to enjoy the shade of the treeline. As a larger guy who doesn’t enjoy the hear, I really do feel for those camped on the Serengeti.


House Sable Maul continues to be awesomesauce, and for the simple price of Aussie candies and a few tales, made sure I had libations whenever I needed them. I’m very grateful to have made their acquaintance last year, and to have developed a friendship therein.


Sheetwalls and funky gates are the order of the day for many camps.


Open a window? Why not roll up the whole damn wall!


I found Meuric! We shopped. We bonded. We laughed. It was fun 🙂


The Kings Grill understand the importance of egg, pineapple and beets on a burger.


I love that this is a thing. For many, Pennsic is a two week extended camping holiday away from all the hustle and bustle of modern life. The Little Free Pennsic Library – which has multiple outposts on-site – lets you take a book, leave a book, whatever. Relax in your hammock, let the rest of the world slip away, and read a good book. Or a trashy one. I’m not going to judge.


Man, it’s tough to wake up to this every day…




Pro tip: Much of what happens at Pennsic is done by volunteers. Have YOU volunteered? Do so, in any capacity. Help out. In the meantime, if you’re doing a security shift, spin by the Pink Fuzzy Bunny encampment on your golf cart and enjoy a super tasty brownie on behalf of a household that appreciates you sacrificing some of your time to help make Pennsic better for everyone.


Not everyone sleeps in canvas…


A stroll down by the lake reveals the Ludus


Coopers Lake. I’m glad I camp up in the N-Blocks, but still love visiting down here.


We could totally have a dance party up there… just not near the edges 😉

Pennsic2016_32The Doctor snuck in for a quick visit.


Shoes at Sunset: The Raven Spittle Way.


Anya learns how to do a Tim Tam Slam. I must continue to spread the good word!


My one class this year… a seminar on period pornography. It was surprisingly educational


A stroll through the marketplace revealed some lovely leather journals.


Is that the legendary Creepy Bard???




You can find pretty much everything you could ever need in the SCA for sale in the marketplace, and may things you don’t need at all… but mainly things you do 😉


The marketplace is enormouse, and frankly, a very pleasant place to stroll around.


A wizard’s staff has a nob on the end.


Mugging for the camera…


House Hedgehog’s First Wednesday party is a delight. The Wheel of Shots is a thing. Musical performances, tales told, good friends and good times.


Across the way, the Gypsy Diner. Let’s talk about this for a moment. Pennsic has a lot of parties. A LOT of parties, that frequently have people up and dancing and carousing and imbibing until the wee hours of the morning. My standard bedtime at Pennsic is around 3AM. The Gypsy Diner runs down in the bog, offer free – FREE – food to revellers at ungodly AM several nights during Pennsic. Food in bellies means folks have the required energy to get home safe (or party a little more). The menus change, but it’s always super tasty, and is an amazing contribution to the Pennsic community. You know how I mentioned volunteering earlier? This is what the Circus of the Damned have been doing to contribute for over 7 years now. I’m grateful.

If you’re a Pennsic attendee, you can help them do what they do right here:



Franks and beans in a tortilla at 3AM? Bloody amazing.


And of course, the fez had to put in a showing. There are standards to be maintained.


Thursday morning I hit the road to Indianapolis. This is as close to the battlefield as I came during my all-to-brief stay at Pennsic this year. A longer stay next year? We’ll see how it pans out.

7 Responses to SCA: The Pennsic 2016 Photodump

  1. This was bloody fab to see. Glad you got to go for a wee while at least.
    Now that I live in the US Pennsic is a lot more feasible, but it’s still most of the country away. I’m hoping to go next year.

  2. I think you’re the person I gave a ride to on your way back to camp one day! I hope you had a great Pennsic!

  3. Thank you soooooo much for this contribution. Your images and comments have been a joy to review already only 6 days later and I’m sure they will continue to provide comfort through this long town trip till I can reach home again. 🙂

    Should you find yourself near W block please feel free to stop in for a refill of libations.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. As an old I do not get to go anymore. My decision but I am still there in heart and soul. Tatiana returns to Pennsic through the pictures and stories.

  5. Avatar Marta Jaremko
    Marta Jaremko says:

    Hi, GD! I stumbled upon your awesome website whilst looking for Pennsic photos. Your photos are wonderful and so is your commentary. I really enjoyed hanging out with you this year! Hope to see you again next year! Love Marta

    • Avatar gdaybloke
      gdaybloke says:

      It was good to see you too! You’ve been a highlight of both of my Pennsic’s, I hope to continue the trend!