CaptainCon 2017 Charity Announcement

Hello, Losties. As we move through September we get ever closer to February next year. Yes, that magical time when for some bloody insane reason I decide it’s the perfect time to engage in a 9 hour road trip from Ontario to Rhode Island, so that I can enjoy all that Warwick has to offer when it’s buried under snow… Oh, wait, that’s right, we go for CaptainCon! Three days of awesome at the Crown Plaza! Lost Hemisphere’s home convention, where we team up with those scallywags from the New England Privateers to run our annual charity fundraiser! Last February we raised over $4000 for Rosie’s Place, the oldest women’s shelter in the United States. (you can read about it here). We did this thanks in very large part to contributions from you, our loyal readers, who provided painted and new-in-box models, swag, and other shinies so that we had a prize pool with over 70 prize lots to be won by those willing to buy tickets in the draw. It’s time to start rallying again so that we can top last CaptainCon’s total, but of course it’s important to know who we’re raising for this time around. Ladies and Gentlelost, the recipients of CaptainCon 2017’s fundraising efforts will be:


The Jimmy Fund solely supports the work of Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, raising funds for adult and pediatric cancer care. The dreaded C-word has taken its toll on the lives of many of Lost Hemisphere’s crew. Too many family members have been lost. Others have survived, but been irreparably altered by the experience, be it physically, mentally or emotionally. Whatever we can do to help those suffering is a worthwhile endeavor.

So where do you come in?

As per tradition, we’ll be holding a fundraising draw at CaptainCon. If you’re coming to the convention – February 3-5 2017 – then please consider bringing some funds with which to purchase tickets to win things.

What sort of things?

Well, that depends on what  what we can gather for the prize pool. We will be reaching out to our sponsors and friends and contacts in the gaming industry for donations to the prize pool… Many of the models sent to Lost Hemisphere for review purposes will be added to the prize pool… and then there’s you. If you have some nicely painted models collecting dust that you’d like to donate the cause, I’d like to hear from you. If you have some new-in-box models collecting dust, I’d like to hear from you. If you have some sort of neat swag that you think would look awesome on the prize table, ogled by everyone at CaptainCon and shown off in the photodumps, I’d like to hear from you.

See, our annual fundraiser isn’t just a chance to throw some money at a good cause. It’s a chance to do something amazing as a community. It’s a chance to make a difference. Having run these for several years now I can tell you it’s a hell of a thing to be standing there in front of a crowd of hundreds of gamers, drawing numbers, having them select their prizes, and after the dust has settled, being able to tell the assembled masses just how much we’ve raised thanks not only to the generosity of those who’ve opened their wallets, but also to those who’ve helped provide the prize pool.

So what do you do?

If you’d like to pitch in, you send me an email at with something like “Fundraiser contribution” in the title, and you tell me what you’d like to donate. From there we’ll work out how to get it to CaptainCon, to make this thing happen.

This thing can’t happen without you.

I look forward to hearing from you.