Ghetorix Reborn

I’ve been a fan of the Character Warjack kits that took advantage of the existing non-character plastic kits, mainly because it maintains a sense of uniformity on machines of war. Warjacks like Scourge of Heresy, Triumph and Torch are supposed to have been perfectly normal jacks-of-the-line until something twinged in their cortexes and they’ve developed a stronger personality, picked up an alternative weapon, or otherwise decided that they really like doing something a little different. With the Warbeasts it’s a little further of a stretch to use the exact same kits – it’s a boon for packing in foam, for certain, but these are unique, living creatures. Accordingly, the new Character Warbeast sculpts make me happy. Look, it’s Ghetorix!



The new Ghetorix kit is a lovely blend of resin and metal, with most of the shiny bits on the lower portion of the model, providing a lower center of gravity and making for a nice, stable model. Let’s take a look at all 9 pieces.


The largest components are the resin body and right arm holding the axe. Note that incredibly manly beard. This guy? Never pays for his own Starbucks.


The headdress lines up beautifully with the cavity on his head. Yes, there’s an opening here for jokes to be told around the Temple of the Flame about Devourer worshippers being empty-headed. Very little cleanup is needed – a couple of tabs to clip off, that’s it. I continue to be impressed by how clean the components being cast at Privateer are nowadays.


Joining at the elbow, the right forearm’s grip on that axe is tighter than Baldur’s codpiece, if you know what I mean.


Moving down to the lower body, each of the legs joins mid-thigh with the joint masked by armour/bandages. Nicely cut.


It was some poor cultist’s job to make the rear flap of that loincloth, and then to cut an enormous hole in it to feed the tail through. And you thought your job was pointless…


Heh. Made you stare at a werewolf’s crotch. Okay, it’s armoured, but still. Dammit, don’t rob me of this!


In a world without epic bases, Ghetorix gets some fractured rock… that would actually fit nicely with Dragon Forge’s Ice Kingdoms, come to think of it…




Ghetorix’s new sculpt is in the wild. You can hunt it down at your FLGS or preferred online retailer. Baroooo!!!!! Thanks to TheGreatGaspy for tackling the painting chores.