I remember how excited many of us were when the first multijack kits were announced… and then the second… and then whispers on the wind, the warjacks of renown – the Stormclad, Guardian, Kodiak and Seether – would get a kist sharing their chasses withing something new and bifftastic. Ah, heady times… and of course, our excitement has been validated as each new kit has made its way onto shelves. While I and my fellow Menites are still waiting for our Indictor, it has been sighted on the horizon… in the meantime, Toruk’s loyal minions have  been gifted with a new weapon of war to follow the Seether, and you can get it in stores right now…



The Seether/Inflictor kit follows the same pattern as the earlier multi-jack kits made in hard styrene sprues: a bunch of shared components, and then specific sprues for each build.


A split chassis with a crown of spines, the Seether/Inflictor has a torso ready to draw blood before you even add its weapons.


I think my favourite part of this sprue is the little toest-woesies. Can’t you just imagine pre-teen Deneghra skipping up to a Seether with some fuschia nail polish and, much to the consternation of the assembled necrotechs, getting away with painting the toenails without being disemboweled?


The Seether is, like the Slayer, a helljack that likes to get its talons dirty. No weapons for this gribbly, it want to literally come to grips with its foes!


The Inflictor, on the other hand, plays a more tactical game. A shield on one arm to deflect incoming blows and an overreaching stinger, the Inflictor’s toxins spell the doom of the living with stabby puncturishness.


A thing of nightmares and cold soup, the Inflictor’s scorpion-like tendencies will have it skittering across the tabletop to jabbity jabbity jab at its targets.

You can get one at your local FLGS or preferred online retailer…


… if you dare… (*MANIACAL LAUGHTER*)