The Ominpotents New Toys: Baldur and the Stoneshaper

It’s been a good time to be a Warmachine player lately. We’ve seen the pre-release Warcasters at GenCon (which I had to buy each of, because they each came with an exclusive pin, because Privateer’s head pin maestro Mike Ryan clearly has it out for my wallet), we’ve even had the finished Viktor spoiled online by Dallas Kemp, who smells lovely and is a charming fellow and totally didn’t threaten to both Amon2’s paintjob if I didn’t say nice things about him. Not that I know anything about an impending Amon2, but hey, a guy can dream. Hordes players! That was the point! You’re not forgotten! We talked about Ghetorix’s resculpt last week, and today we’re taking a gander at the recently released Baldur the Stonecleaver resculpt, and the Blackclad Stoneshaper. Yes, they were July releases. We’re working on catching up with all the things!



Baldur’s enormous stone sword has always been one of the cooler points of his concept. That, and he’s one of the few characters in the entire darn game that can be described as one of the good guys. The reculpt takes Tritus off of his back and has it being hefted to lead into a mighty swing that will … well, cleave stone. With a fantastic denial feat and the ability to teleport between forests, including ones he’s created himself, Baldur may seem fairly straightforward compared to the bulk of the Circle Orboros’ warlocks, but he’s still bloody nifty.


Lostie TheGreatGaspy painted Baldur for his unnamed ladyfriend’s budding Circle army (shall we call her Gaspette?), and… made him look rather sinister, really. Glowing green eyes are a thing…


The Blackclad Stoneshaper is much harder to assemble than Baldur because… um, well, Baldur is a single piece, while the Stoneshaper needs to have his hands glued in. Their affinity with construct warbeasts is undeniable. They can repair them, they can help adjust Fury on them, and if they’re base to base with a construct, they can even borrow the warbeast’s defensive traits to reinforce their own resilience to damage.


Of course, the real question is what’s going to hatch from that egg, and does Danaerys know that he’s stolen it? I like to think that the Stoneshaper’s Stone Spray spell is him throwing eggs at his target. “Poach in -my- forest, will you? This isn’t over, easy! I’ll scramble your hide and make you wish you’d quit your job and gone on hollandaise!”

… Sometimes egg puns aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.


TheGreatGaspy’s continuing to earn brownie points with the Stoneshaper. If floaty egg druids are your thing, you should probably hit up your FLGS or prederred online retailer. That rescuplt of Megalith will probably enjoy having a new sidekick…