SCA: Fall Coronation 2016

Coronation time! For those not in the know, the kingdoms of the Society for Creative Anachronism hold coronations pretty much every six months. Someone new gets a turn on the big chairs, we all have a day of pomp and circumstance, there’s lots of frippery, and for those who like to do such things, a chance to break out a whole to range of garb to match the current reign. Saturday saw King Nigel and Queen Adrielle step down and make a run for it, while King Siegfried Brandboern and Queen Xristina Viacheslavova are now all crowned and stuff. While I couldn’t stay for the full day I was able to sit in on morning court and get a chunk of the day in, so you get pics. Aren’t you lucky?

Gdayboy – known in these modern medieval times as Ivan Day, son of Graham Day – joined me for the shenaniganry. Site tokens are an awesome part of the experience, little pieces of memorabilia to mark the day. For those on site early enough, we received awesome clay whistles!

Assorted baronial thrones awaiting baronial butts, complete with baronial banners.

Here we see a wild Baroness Annabelle in her natural environment. Note how she teaches her young how to wield a cleaver effectively, not only to add in the preparation of vegetables but also to be of use later in life against unwanted paramours.

Being a Master of Defense means you totally get to Darth Vader your way through the corridors.

Hopeful that the weather will hold off, diligent souls wrangle wild poles into position. Lasso work is a vital part of Scadian life.

Sir Ælfwyn (remember her from last Monday’s post?) and Lady Gwendolyn lead their Majesties into court.

Nigel, Rex, and Adrielle, Regina. For the last time.

Next come the barons! Their Excellencies Rising Waters…

Their Excellencies Septentria…

Her Excellency Skraeling Althing…

And their Excellencies Ramshaven. Apparently when Brand saw them and was put in mind of their ram, he immediately started counting sheep and couldn’t stop yawning.

Now, the awarding of… um… awards, I guess, is a wonderful part of being in the big chairs. Every once in awhile though, the herald gets on a roll…

… and keeps going…

… and going…

and going…

… for the LONGEST DARN AWARD SCROLL EVER!!! Everyone had a good chuckle, but DAMN!

Not all the awards were as long winded, but each was still a work of art. Look at Lady Steva’s Maiden’s Heart. Just look at it. Damn, that’s some beautiful work.

When you spot a gathering of scarlet-clad folk like this, there’s either something official going on or someone’s trying to reenact Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition sketch.

Dismissed from her role as King’s Champion, Sir Ælfwyn can finally kick back with a brewski.

The crowns are doffed…

There’s a smooch…

Ducal coronets are restored…

And, as her Grace whispers “Run!”, they literally made a break for it!

In their wake, a new king!

“Waitaminute, somebody else is supposed to be up here, no?”

“Ah, here she comes…”

And it’s… Sir Ælfwyn? Didn’t we just let you go?

No matter how many times you offer to rub his lamp, Master Giovanni does not grant wishes.

“Here, you can have a new shiny hat too.”


Being King and Queen means you get snacks during the ceremony.

My Lords and My Ladies, Ealdormere’s new monarchs!

Choosing which pizza to order for the evening feast was a challenge, but to be fair the menus were quite imposing.

“Waitaminute, isn’t this the guy who wouldn’t shut up during the last King and Queen’s reign??”

After swearing fealty, the members of the Chivalry … okay, truth be told, I just wanted to have a picture of Duke Sir Roak in the blog post. I don’t feel like he’s had enough facetime lately.

Hey, look, it’s Sir Ælfwyn again! … that guy behind her looks kinda familiar too…

As members of the populace we got to swear fealty too. This was the closes I got to their Majesties during the proceedings, so enjoy their finery while you can.

Ever watchful for danger, the Kings’ and Queens’ champions will happily behead any ne’erdowells.


Sotto voce: “Okay, they’ve got 3 minutes to breath, then Her Majesty needs to be at thatmeeting, His Majesty needs to meet the fighters on the list, and…”

“Damn, I look fine in blue…”

Sir Ælfwyn! AGAIN! It’s becoming a thing…

Last time she was just a Princess… heh, “just”… but now she’s a Queen!

Afterwards, the populace mingled…

… while a few brave souls pondered just how rusty their gear would get if they fought.

“Spider-duke, Spider-duke, does whatever a Spider-duke can…”

He had heard that becoming Queen’s Champion might have side effects… hallucinating tails on youngsters was not among the list of things he was prepared for.

Eventually Ivan and I sojourned into the damp to see the action.

Morris dancing, as ancient a tradition as it is, has really evolved.

Elsewhere, the Archery Range was set up for Twangery.

Some find that yelling at the targets intimidates them and makes them easier to shoot.

“Dude, I’ma show you some sweet moves!”

“Check it out! Ninja! You don’t know where I’m gonna be next!”


After being savaged by a gang of pickles at an earlier event, Sir Evander takes no chances with the lunch plate.

“Boop! Got yer hand!”

“Boop! Got yer shoulder!”

“Boop! Got yer head!”

“Ya know, that’s an awful lot of booping.”
“I hear he’s been reading up on the Shia LeBoop technique”

“Will you marry me?”


“… so much armour… so many layers… must not think about the rain… no waterfalls… no rivers… no faucets… … … dammit.”

Next week on The Bachelorette…

Eventually, Ivan got to try his new throwing axes.

Leftover tags from the Virtues & Vices tournament, he… well, he got Faith. I don’t know if that means he embodies, the concept, or he’s destroyed it with his tomahawk.

“Lo, my floppy hat has caught the eye of a wastrel!”

“So wastrelly…”

I wasn’t able to stick around for evening court, more’s the pity, but Ivan and I *did* have the joy of driving home in the rain… Wheee!

So Wassail to their new Majesties,long may they reign! Thanks to everyone who helped make the day special and fun and nifty! Here’s to the event staff and all involved, and the next chance I get to throw axes…

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