CaptainCon ponderances: Menoth Wills It

With the retailer solicitation for January dropping tomorrow and revealing that we’re getting Menite goodies in January, I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that my thoughts immediately went to listbuilding to bring the fire of the creator to Rhode Island to burninate some heretics. Yes, yes, Helios and the Desert Hydra are dropping as well (as opposed to the Dessert Hydra, which is kind of something like a jello squid), but with the new Protectorate of Menoth Command book landing side by side with a new cavalry warcaster and a new character warjack with an absurd amount of filigree, it’s only right and true that I should hear the Crusader’s Call. Here, look at these things.

jan17_3 jan17_4

Aren’t they magnificent? Granted, I’m not sure why Feora’s horse needs exhaust-style plumes off the chest, I would have thought they’d interfere with wielding a polearm though I guess they do provide additional protection for Feora herself from frontal attacks…

So I’ve looked at the pile of unassembled and unpainted Protectorate of Menoth models I have at my disposal right now, and it’s clear that one of these two models will guide my decision as to what to play for CaptainCon. Will be My Little Feora backed by Hand of Judgment, or Malekus the Cuddly Truth backed by Eye of Truth? One way or another there’s likely going to be a warjack-heavy list with a lot of fire tokens being used. The deciding factor may well be whether or not one of these beauties is released early at Warmachine Weekend, and whether or not I can recruit a last minute ninja. Otherwise you may just end up seeing Dual Hyperions again, which – though starbursty – wouldn’t be anywhere near as Menite.

Have you started planning?