Lys Healer

When is a healer not a healer? When your faction doesn’t have a slew of multi-wound units like Exemplar Bastions, Gatorman Posse, Cataphracts, Man-O-Wars and more. Why, then, would you bring a Healer in a faction that doesn’t have infantry or warbeasts it can heal? Sure, you might get to put a few points back on your warcaster, or there might be the occasional case where a solo wasn’t killed in one round of concentrated attacks, but surely there has to be more than that to the Lys Healer if it’s going to see field time. Good news, Mage Hunters, there is… but first, let’s take a look at the model.



The Lys Healer comes in an exceedingly easy to assemble two parts.


Raising the roof normally requires a little more enthusiasm, but hey, she can’t see squat in that hood, I’m not going to judge.


Once the legs are in she’s totally ready to trip out to some Boney M. Yes, I know I’m dating myself with that reference.


Now, let’s just ignore the fact that I should have stuck with the grey piping rather than trying the yellow – I was young, I was experimenting, okay? – and get back to why you’d bring a Healer in a faction that really doesn’t have much in terms of multi-wound models to base an attrition game around. I mean, the healing’s a thing and all, but…

  • Power of Faith – when used, every model within 5″ becomes immune to knockdown and stationary. Um…
  • Purifying Prayer – Animi and continuous effects on all models within 8″ immediately expire. What??
  • Move To Assist– If a friendly model is damaged within 8″, during the next Maintenance phase she can make a full advance. Hang on…
  • Soul Ward– Enemy models cannot gain soul tokens from models destroyed within 8″. Hey now!

So she screws with knockdown and stationary effect, making a mockery of a bunch of Khadoran, Menite and Trollkin schticks, she strips defensive animi, fire, corrosion… she can reposition into a control zone if needed to contest or otherwise to get out of trouble or just move her bubble effect… and she stops Cryx, Proctorate, Skorne and Gators from gathering souls.

For a model with no offensive capacity whatsoever, the Lys Healer is a stupidly effective and highly versatile means of playing “Screw with your opponent’s plans”. While I’m generally loathe to play models that can’t at least swing a stick, the Lys Healer may be the most effective Iosan support piece to date, and at only 3pts apiece, she’s going to find her way into lots of lists…

You can add her to yours by hitting up your FLGS or preferred online retailer.