Man-O-War Schocktrooper Officer

When I first became interested in Warmachine, all those years ago, Khador caught my eye. The Big Red War Machine had ice-themed elements, always a favourite concept of mine, and they had eschewed light warjacks somewhat out of necessity but in their place had developed the Man-O-War armour. Living human beings jammed into massive steam-powered suits, just waiting to be turned into lobsters by an over-excited boiler. When I went to buy my first battlebox the only one at the store was Gorten Grundback’s (yes, this dates back Mk1), and then I got my hands on some second-hand Menites and we all know where THAT led… but today?


Where’s the party, Officer??


This beautiful hunk of resin makes up the bulk of the model. No separate legs to try to hinge in the right position on the hips, jist a nice piece of grey resin with a few little bits of flash to clean off.


Your Man-O-War Shocktrooper Captain can stare your oppponents down as he wrinkles his nose at their non-Khadoranness. Oh, and there’s a shoulderpad for the other side,with an arm sneaking out beneath it.


Oh, and there’s an alternate head, just in case your Officer is shy about his shoddy dental work.


Speaking of being shy, let’s cover our Man-O-War Shocktrooper Officer’s shame with a happy little metal loincloth.


The shield joins on at the wrist of that tiny arm that comes out under the metal shoulderpad. I’d consider pinning.


The ice axe joins at the wrist as well, and is another potential pin candidate, given the potential torsion on the join.


Painted by TheGreatGaspy, one nice, bright and bold Man-O-War Shocktrooper Officer! Will it make its way onto the prize table at CaptainCon for our fundraiser come February? I’m not telling… it’s a secret… #StealthShocktrooper

Get yours from your local FLGS or preferred online gaming retailer

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  1. Hey, the Khadoran dental plan is spectacular.