Broken Egg: Adventure Tiles

One of the best things about running Lost Hemisphere, for me, has been the relationships we’ve enjoyed with our sponsors. Dragon Forge Design puts out the best resin bases in the business, KR Multicase’s transport solutions have met every one of my needs for years now, and then there’s Broken Egg Games, who continue to expand and innovate. What started with top quality army trays for carting your stuff around the tournament hall, and expanded into tokens for Warmachine, Netrunner, Game of Thrones and other games, stepped up to zone templates and two-dimensional terrain that’s both durable and visual outstanding. Now, teaming up with Ed Bourelle (you might have heard of him) and Skeleton Key Games, they’re looking to make your roleplaying games more immersive while still being incredibly easy to transport, with their new Adventure Tiles kicstarter.


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I have *long* been a proponent of two-dimensional terrain. It’s super easy to store and transport, and if you have models that are even the slightest bit top-heavy you don’t have to worry about the, tipping over, potentially damaging the paint and finish that you spend hours hobbying on (well, I spend hours… some of you can actually paint efficiently. I even have some craft foam scenery that I still use from time to time including two collapsible houses, but once I had picked up Broken Egg’s neoprene mat terrain (currently on sale in their online store, hint hint) the craft foam got put aside in favour of super pretty new stuff.

Tag in Skeleton Key games and we have new pieces that can line up on the gorgeous 30×30″ mat – perfect to fit on pretty much any gaming table while still leaving room for dice, character sheets, etc – to provide a framework for your adventuring heroes as they saunter through the wilderness, righting wrongs and engaging in acts of daring. The mat and terrain even come with a faintly printed grid, for those of you who are used to using grid paper to map out your playing area and for the moving of all the pieces and stuffs, but for those of you who prefer more free-form movement, or perhaps to use the mat and terrain for games that don’t allow easy pre-measurement, there’s also the option to have it all printed sans-grid.


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The initial offering in the kickstarter has the basic wilderness set, with options for ruins, mystic circles (You too can re-enact the Doctor’s discover of the Pandorica at Stonehenge! Okay, I’m a nerd…), and a fantastic savage village where you can layer the interior of the chieftain’s hut with a separate piece for the roof, keeping the interior concealed from prying hero eyes until you’re ready to unleash savage heck on them.

When you’re embarking on a roleplaying adventure with your players, creating a visual environment where they can put their models down and get their bearings is a huge part of helping with immersion, letting imaginations run wild and really getting the most out of your gaming sessions. The Adventure Tiles kickstarter seems poised to kick things up a notch from your graph paper days, and to give your players something to sink their imaginary teeth into, and of course when you’re done, you can just roll everything up, or you can store the terrain in a really useful box, or even in that zippered pocket on the back of your army transport, if you’re using the terrain pieces for wargaming.

Broken Egg and Skeleton Key Games (Hi Ed!) are looking to put out some beautiful stuff here, and given Broken Egg’s proven record for outstanding quality when it comes to neoprene terrain, you can expect these tiles to be a fantastic addition to your game room.

You can support the Kickstarter (or at least go and watch the video) by clicking any one of the  pics in this post. Why? Cos they’re all links. I bet  you hadn’t realized…