CaptainCon Update

krlogoWhat, you thought we’d let you go forever without an update? PFFT! First, after chatting with our pals over at KR Multicase, I can confirm that we have three awesome fully loaded KR Multicase army transport solutions inbound, geared for Warmachine/Hordes and that newfangled Guild Ball game (Does it still count as newfangled when they’re previewing their third season?). We here at Lost Hemisphere are always grateful for the support shown to us by our sponsors, and with KR supporting us year after year we’re delighted to once again have them on board for our CaptainCon fundraiser, and to be sharing the niftiness of their excellent bags, cases and foam with you.

Another nifty thing KR is doing is helping promote gamery across the board with their Community Directory, which lists stores, events, podcasts, and more, for a multitude of games. It’s a great resource if you’re looking for something to enhance your personal geek experience.

The other piece of news is that the CaptainCon Schedule is now available!


You can click that to go to the full thing, but we have Warmachine and Hordes, 40K, Flames of Wat, Guild Ball, Malifaux, Wrath of Kings, Blood Bowl, Megagame, Munchkin, Firefly, Krosmaster Arena, (*deep breath*) Star Wars, Ninja All Stars, Dark Age, Relic Knights, Infinity, Age of Sigmar, (*puffs inhaler*), Arcadia Quest, the Free Port, the CaptainCon Board Game Library, and more waiting to give you a great three days in Rhode Island.

You in?