Farrow Brigand & Commandos

Here piggy piggy piggy! Wait, no, put down the knife and grenade first… Thornfall Alliance players, your preferred army transport solutions just got lighter with the new Farrow Commandos/Brigands plastic kit. Only can decide if your pig-men need to be led by a howling beret-clad grenadier or a spear-shaking dude with a gun. Either way, you can build to your hearts content and we’d like to show you what’s on the table…

Behold the vengeance of bacon.



Two cards and three baggies, though one’s just bases, so… two baggies that matter.


The power is yours! Choose between spear and rifle, or ALL THE GRENADES! and a pretty little hat.


Three each of three different bodies. The necks are a universal join, allowing you to mix heads all over the place, and we’ve got shoulderpads for the bottom row coming up in a moment.


Matching up the correct legs to their body counterparts was easier than expected, with the plugs not only being different shapes, but also at different points the components.


Enough spare heads to make some soup after you’re done assembling the unit.


If you go commando, you’ve got knives and grenades… wait.. I meant if you assemble the unit as commandos, not if you’re choosing to go sans underoos. Yeesh, people.


On the other side, if you want to make Brigands their pig irons are either a single component with both hands attached, or the separated arms/clubs combo. And hey, there’s the shoulderpads.

There’s no painted Farrow to show you at this point, because the box is winging its way Lonelymonk, to be added to the army he’s painting for the Gamer’s Haven Breast Cancer Brawl being coordinated by Lostie Rorschach.

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You can get your Farrow from your FLGS or preferred online retailer, or you can get yourself to Colorado Springs and maybe win yourself an entire damn army.

As Lonelymonk is prone to say… Just do it.