Plarzoid’s Request #1: Zaadesh2

lonelymonkavStrange title isn’t it…

Plarzoid is a friend of mine (and a long time Lostie and a friend to all the animals and birds of the forest, even the ones he plans on making stew out of. He’s practical like that. – Gday). He recently mentioned that he saw all the cards from the WMW early releases, but never saw the models. I ordered Zaadesh and I think it is a pretty good idea to let people see the model and have an idea of how it fits together…
zaadesh-01You get seven parts (the two shoulders are identical). My first impression? Has anyone assembled any Nyss Hunters? We have a big Sword with one arm with a separate forearm,  the two parts fitting together to attach to the body. The left arm and sword attach at the elbow., the right forearm attaches at the bicep. Nyss memories. The Sword is long and sticks out a lot – You really need to pin all these together, or risk the weight and torsion on the join causing mishaps.

The body was a very clean casting. His feet are in a very wide stance, the base wedge fitting right in a standard base slot and his feet hang over the lip.


Zaadesh is well armored, no surprise to anyone who already has some Skorne. Nicely done. The Shoulder armor has some large flat surfaces that will glue well to the body to keep them attached.


The back banner attaches to the egg shaped hole in the middle of his back. It looks like a good attachment point, but it isn’t very deep – he’s a skinny one. The back skirt has a large contact area that fits perfectly on him butt, and should attach easily.


The back skirt is an easy fit with a large contact area. I really like that I can paint his legs and then attach the back skirt without it being too fiddly and risking damaging already-completed areas.



zaadesh-12The sword looks really good, though it does seem wide. In this shot you can see the little spherical contact point that would hold this  to the elbow. Pin it for your own peace of mind.

The other side of the sword is similarly clean casting, with very little clean up needed. There is a little V shaped notch where the right forearm attaches.

The forearm has a spherical elbow connection (on the right) and a wedge shape at the wrist. It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Nothing remarkable, but pretty clean, with very little file work needed to clean it up. The cloth wrapping around his arm is very crisp and clean. Well done.

zaadesh-05zaadesh-13A nice big beautiful banner that connects to Zaadesh’s back with one some half sphere connection point. The contact point is a little delicate for such a big piece. Pin it or consider leaving it off.


The shoulder armor parts are hard to get a good picture that shows the contact point. The top one shows the flat plate that connects to the shoulder. These are good contact points, nice and easy. I will paint the rest of the model and then glue on the shoulders, since they’ll hide his head from the left on right side.

This photo also shows the right elbow contact point, a nice hemisphere contact point (pin it too, because why not at this point. ).

I don’t have a finished model photo, I am up  to my #$%@ in a pink pig project right now and Zaadesh will have to wait a while. In my honest opinion, he will be challenging to build and paint, and if you don’t pin some of the parts he risks breaking frequently. He is a challenge, but a beautiful model…

Till next time

Just do it..


Dallas Kemp at the PP Studio did a better paint job than I could have….