Relic Knights: Resin casts

Hi kids! Today’s post is kind of a “Huh, well, look at that”. We’re talking about the Relic Knights resin models. I’ll preface by saying that I was not part of the original kickstarter, but I did pick up first wave models for the Black Diamonds (because Pew! Pew! and they have a little tank). I know many people were disappointed in the quality of the models that came with Relic Knights when it first launched – the plastics used had soft detail to the point where some models had no faces at all. I found it a very enjoyable game though, so I made a point of picking up new Black Diamond releases as they became available, starting with the Questing Knight Codebreaker. What I found when I got him in  my mitts was a resin model with crisp, clean detail, hard, defined edges, and very little cleanup required. Soda Pop upped their game in response to feedback, and started casting in a new material that provided a much nicer product. Today I thought we’d take a look at some, so you can see what I’m talking about.


On today’s agenda? CSM Alex-117, Viper, and for a little cross-factional blend, Questing Knight Sebastian Cross.


CSM Alex-117 comes in four pieces, complete with ridged leg armour that make it really hard to balance a sandwich on your thigh while driving. Someone also forgot to tell him that double-breasted coats are so last season.


And if you assemble him like this, he’s all “What?!? When did I get robot hands?!?”


The Vipers are wetworks specialists in a faction that’s essentially a private army. Given that their rifles can potentially do 6 damage and negate 2 points of armour, they may be auto-includes against well-shielded opponents.


They’re also Chaos Initiates, and can actually move enemy tokens and markers… oh, and dat booty.


Sebastian Cross was the Shatterd Sword Relic Knight, but some factions were lucky enough to get a variant Questing Knight version of their heroes before they assumed control of their Relics. Black Diamond didn’t get one, I’m sufficiently pouty.


But damn Rook’s a great looking little Cypher… and a decent proxy for the Questing Knight in Super Dungeon Explore 😉


One bonus model, because her packaging was different than the others so she had to have her own pic. The Field Medic is the first Black Diamond release from the upcoming Void Break expansion, basically Relic Knights 2.0, which we’re expecting to be hitting Kickstarter early in the new year.


She’s also the first model in the pile that actually gave me any difficulty whatsoever in assembly, all because of that leg.


When you put her together she looks all wonky and stuff. I’m pretty sure I’m going to snap off and reposition that leg at least four more times… but as awkward as she looks…


… it’s because she’s peering around her force field as she administers healiness. Dammit, soldier, get up! Once all the pieces are together my only disappointment is that (a) the force field isn’t made from transparent acrylic, (b) she doesn’t… actually… have a force field ability… I mean, she *does* have armour, which is nice for a grunt, but still… 😉

Relic Knights is, I think, an underrated game. Low model commitment, interested mechanics with the dashboard and cards rather than dice, some fun, characterful models with newer releases answering a lot of the concerns people had about earlier ones, and a new edition and expansion on the immediate horizon. I look forward to seeing where it goes next.


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  1. Avatar Treville2001
    Treville2001 says:

    Not making the Field Medics shield out of acrylic was a real missed opportunity. Hopefully someone in the secondary bits market will step up and rectify the situation.