Hammerfall Siege Crawler

When we first saw the Hammerfall Siege Crawler on High Command cards, I think many of us let out a collective ooOOoo and some speculated that we might be seeing the dawn of transports in Warmachine. The thing about speculation is that it’s usually baseless, but it’s still fun. While we didn’t get a Transport, I think it’s fair to say that the latest Battle Engine in Warmachine is nevertheless pretty smashtastic. Playing for Mersecnaries, Khador and Cygnar, the stompy little gun tower is 25 boxes of health for 19 pts, and set to lay waste to the foundations of your opponent’s fortress.



Two siegebreaker cannons, a quad cannon, six legs and a whole bunch of armor plating in a box!


The main body. Rhulic engineering made easy.


More body components, including the cupola, and the quad cannon. Oh, and the foreleg shields.


Okay, so… siegebreaker cannons and an exhaust, all six legs, the cupola hatch, some pipe thingies, and the torso of the commander.


Everything else! Ladders, keg accents, arms and other components for the commander, hatch handle, and the damnable toe bits that go on the legs. They, and the cable over the commander’s arm, were the only pieces that were irksome to assemble. Otherwise, it goes together like a dream. How do I know? Because I decided to build the darn thing.


Stomp stomp BOOM! Stomp stomp BOOM! It’s a super neat kit ready to plaster the battlefield with 4″ AoE’s. WIth Dual Attack it can bash targets in its path and then shoot, and with Bulldoze it can bump things away and THEN shoot them. As a siege weapon it’s made to level structures,and with Critical Stagger it even has the potential to deny Colossals and Gargantuans their initial attacks and special attacks. Why doesn’t this thing work for the Protectorate? I’d use it…

Your Hammerfall Siege Crawlers stomp into FLGSs and online retailer stockrooms this month. Consider whether your army could use a little extra stomp.