Una the Skyhunter


With the new all-grown-up Warlocks released for early sale at Warmachine Weekend (and again for the Black Friday sales at PP’s online store!), everyone’s been very excited about their potential, their impact on the global competitive meta, and in once case in particular, the chance to relive Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds by flooding the board with winged death as Una the Skyhunter soars onto the tabletop. I have to think she must be in constant jealousy of Aurora. Maybe one day Una will earn her own wings…

But for now, let’s look at her model.


A grand total of three components, Una is straightforward to assemble, while at the same time covered in beautiful detail.


Even if you choose to leave the cape off, Una the Skyhunter is a beautiful model. Metal-trimmed leather, abundant feathers,and headgear to make her the true mistress of Castle Grayskull, it’s a beautifully detailed sculpt.


Her cape is two-fold, almost… wing-like, which is only appropriate. Note that only the inner edges of the cape have the metal trim, while the outer edges are unburdened and free to flap as she runs down the hall yelling “Whoooosh!!!!”.


Attached under the lip of her feathered shawl, each makes generous contact with the body while at the same time not obscuring the back of the torso. There’s some flash to trim out of her glaive, but other than that and a little mold line removal, this is a nice, clean model to work with.


Painted by Greg C25 of Party Foul, Una is all set to terrorize tables locally, complete with her flock of Scarsfells all ready to go. She may not be hitting stores until next year, but if you were lucky enough to get your hands on her you’ve got some fun paint times ahead.