Horgle the Anvil


Growing up as Horgle Ironstrike must have been interesting, even if only for the constant weight of interminable destiny laying on your shoulders. With a surname like Ironstrike, the forge was written in indelible ink on the pages of Horgle’s life. There was no way he was going to grow up to be a chiropodist. We all met Horgle as a Junior Warlock back in Hordes MkII, but now in MkIII, and with the Trollbloods book about to slap us in the face, it’s time to meet an all-new Horgle, now the Anvil against which his people will be beaten into shape… or maybe his foes beaten into a pulp… or maybe he just wants to hit himself in the face with his hammer, whatever. Point is, our boy’s all grown up.



I admire a man who carries his own tongs, in case a barbecue breaks out. Horgle is a beefy chunk of resin with all sorts of gribbly detail. The runes on his armour are rife with glowy potential. Combined with the opportunities for source lighting, if you’re up for a glowy model, here’s your boy.


Each of his weapons are upgrades on those of his Junior warlock version – no longer glowing with the heat of the forge, they’ve burst into flame. Fwoosh!

horgle_04       horgle_05

Each weapon joins near the elbow, with the connections masked by straps. Although there’s a lot of weight in the metal components, especially compared to the plastic body, the connection points are very generous to the extent that there should be no need to pinning. I mean, it never hurts, but it’s hardly a necessity.


Painted by Lazypeon, who I’ve known since he was about as tall as my elbow, has cast the forgemaster in sold steel, utilitarian except for a couple of plates in red to remind everyone that he’s too hot to handle. Mystic blue flames are cast from his sword and hammer, their heat incinerating any small flying insects in the immediate vicinity.

Burn, baby, burn – Trollblood inferno.


Horgle the Anvil was prereleased at Warmachine Weekend and has appeared on Privateer Press’ online store a couple of times since in his special edition box with pin and all. Check for yourself to see if you might be able to nab one for Yuletide shenaniganry, prior to his street date!