Just keep painting.

The very first miniature I ever painted was a small viking I had cast myself using solder and a Prince August mould. The year was 1989. In the following years I would paint models from Heroquest, and later Warhammer, Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Mordheim, Battlefleet Gothic, so on and so forth until I discovered Warmachine & Hordes. As I look at the models I paint nowadays I think back to that first little viking and how far I’ve come int terms of painting. Today I want to show you something special. Dieson (otherwise known as Big Steve, so as not to confuse him with Ninja Steve) ss as die-hard a Khadoran as anyone I’ve ever known, but occasionally he gets tempted by Circle, and recently he pushed himself to try something well outside of his comfort zone.

Bradigus on a full display base. Not intended for tabletop play, but more to tell a little story.

Dieson’s painting has come a long way since his early beginnings, in no small part thanks to dogged persistence. Paint a little bit *every day* and you will see your skills improve. But what’s with that white spike in front of him? Lemme put the battery in…

BAWHAM! Earth magic!

But what about the little undead gribbly underground?

Spooky glow for him too!


I wish I had some of the models I painted in those early days, but alas they’re lost to the mists of time. I’m proud of Dieson for pushing himself into trying something new. Do you remember your beginnings? How far have you come?