Madrak, Great Chieftain

I have to wonder about the career paths of some people. Start of as Thornwood Chieftain. Okay, it’s a very respectable title, reflects your desire to take care of your peeps, gives you a defined domain in which you have authority. Then, someone in the HR department shuffles something and BAM! You’re now World Ender. I mean, that’s a heck of an epic jump! You’ve gone from middle management to President of Global Annihilation. And then, you misplace your axe, and suddenly you’re Madrak, Great Chieftain. Not Awesometacular Chief of All That Is. Great Chieftain. Congrats, you’re a regional director at best. Nothing to be sneered at, being a regional director, but you just know you missed out on the top floor corner office. Anyway, shiny new model!

Madrak, Great Chieftain that he is, comes in four very easy to assemble components, and each of them is delicious.

This beautifully cast hunk of resin might have been three or four different components in the hands of a lesser model producte, but no. One piece, the detail crisp and clean. Note also the key on the arm stumps for the other components – no worries about securing pieces at weird angles, everything is built out of the gate to line up beautifully.

The shield is an amazing cast too. A couple of channels to be snupper off, but the texture is brilliant,the runes are clear. Have you clued in on how fond I am of these components?

The spear and the quiver of more spears – one the only metal component in the model, the other still resin but with a different level of dye in the batch. I’m sure it really shouldn’t be considered that big of a deal in this day and age, but I love that the spears actually match. The one in his hand, once it’s cleaned up, is a perfect match for the four in the quiver.

Lostie Gramut slapped paint on this bad boy. He may longer be ending worlds, but as chieftains go, he’s grrrrreat!

Madrak, Great Chieftain, is a December release. Did Santa put him under your tree?