Whoomp! There it is! The rockingest rock dude this side of a Woldwrath, Megalith is back with a brand new sculpt. Crisp cast resin bits mean the Circle Orboros’ shale star is able to beat the basalt out of his foes without breaking your back weighing down your army transport. Don’t take this schmexy new sculpt for granite, Baldur’s favourite walking boulder is ready to branch out, if you twig on my meaning. Let the idea take root, nature’s wrath is ready to get georomantic and delivery some stata-fired biffing on those who would gainsay the words of Wurmwood.



I wasn’t kidding when I said he was mainly resin. There are a grand total of three metal components, and none of them are overly large. They’re quite dinky in comparison to the rest of the model…


Start with a beautifully cast resin torso. There’s some resin channels to be clipped off, but that’s to be expected.


Add some tree trunk legs, with some stony bits and rope.


Strrap a tree to the back of that torso.


Admire the druidic runes and carvings on one arm.


The other arm has more and a tiny bit of metal for a shoulder rune block.


A small metal loincloth protects your wold’s modesty.


Finally, one last metal bit – AND I’LL FORM THE HEAD! – and…


Then you make Northblade paint your Megalith! Let’s not ignore that super schmexy Lost Hemisphere Dragon Forge base…


Unff! Megalithy goodness!

He’s at your FGLS. Have you upped your wold game?

Disclaimer: This is what you get when I write a blog post at 1AM.