Storm Raptor

Final post for 2016, and it’s one of the most anticipated models of the year. Every since the Storm Raptor was first teased folks were all giddy with anticipation about the enormous birdie would do. Circle Orboros was getting its second Gargantuan and the concept, the rules, the model design all had people making speculative “OoooOOooo” noises. An ambitious project from all angles, even those of us who seek the destruction of the druids in purifying flame were super keen to see how the model would be executed. Thankfully, Privateer loves us and did an amazing job.

Four sprues. That’s it. Just four. And none of them have teeny bits. I’m looking at you, Prime Conflux, and shaking my head 😉 I think there were more components in the Indictor kit than there are on this thing…

Like the Prime Conflux, the Storm Raptor comes with its own rock. This is exceptionally helpful when playing Spot The Rock (There it is!).

Those feathers! Their floof level is over 9000 – and that’s not even their floofiest form!

FLOOOOOOF!!!!! It boggles my mind how majestic these wings look, even on the sprues… and then:

Greg C of Party Foul fame slapped paint on this baby, and frankly it looks stunning in purples. It’s a huge model and going to be a sod to transport if you don’t peg/magnetize the wings for easy removal, but DAMN it has tabletop presence!

The Storm Raptor is available now, and a super schmexy way to end the year. Here’s to the next one…

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  1. Gret colour scheme!!!The purple is fantastic.